Arena Map Pools and Rotation

Blades Edge edge needs to go fam


No but apparently there is a wago script that lets you see them in-game

wago. io/gX5wtGPPJ

Oh, so that’s what people are using. Neat. :dracthyr_love_animated:

Remove Blade’s Edge from all brackets, it is the most melee friendly, smooth brain centric map in the line up, it has awful los hidden barrier issues, and getting knocked from the platform feels like trash when it happens. Meanwhile all melee’s have to do is smorc down whatever is in front of them and just not line their healer in the process because casters literally have almost no where they can go, and even if you do knock a melee off the platform they just come right back up within seconds or get gripped up. I swear to god I get blade’s edge WAY too frequently, and it just feels like a waste of a match because you already know what’s coming. Garbage map, worst map design period. It came out in BC, the mechanics have come too far to continue playing on it in the state that it is in, put everyone out of their misery and just remove it.

Please remove Tol’Viron Arena from the rotation. A lot of players including myself are suffering from disconnects in this particular map. I wouldnt mind playing in it as long I could go on one solo shuffle without disconnecting at least two times. Remove it from rotation or fix it, the current state of it is unnacceptable.

I tried this last night and it showed that we’re currently in map pool A, but I’m pretty sure its wrong because I got Mugambala twice in solo shuffle.

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Has there been any explanation why Solo Shuffle does not have the same variety of maps? Can we please add more maps to SS.

@Chandd, this doesn’t apply to solo shuffle.

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Correct. Shuffle has all the maps aside from bastion, hook point, ashemane’s, dalaran and robodome.

Excuse me. This needs to be fixed…

Remove Ruins of Lordaeron and remove Blade’s Edge Arena.

There, fixed. Now give us all maps at the same time again.

Jokes aside, this is genuine feedback: The fewer maps you got to choose from, the more likely you’ll be playing the same map over and over again. Imagine this, you’re a dps player in a queue for solo shuffle. You absolutely hate the Ruins of Lordaeron or Blade’s Edge Arena map (because they are of terrible design), yet you sit in 30 minute queues only for your queue to pop and put you in that map. Every single match for the entire day that you can play.

That’s what happened to me. And let me tell you, it’s a terrible experience.

Why ruins? That is a fine map.

Ive gotten into a -200mmr losing streak in a single day all thanks to back to back to back blades edge against pure melee cleave or shaman/boomkin.

Delete that map from the game or redesign it


SHUTUP Linxy, you fool.

please delete map pools already, they are insanely bad for the game