Arena ladder / arena mate not updating

(Deception) #1

anyone else notice this and know why it isn’t updating as of recently?

i remember the ladder not updating in the past, i think it was fearless season during the last week and people missed gladiator because glad went up a whole 150 points in 24 hours and the ladder didn’t update so no one knew.

kinda hope the ladder updating thing doesn’t happen again.

(Saucerboy) #2

That would be really cool since first 3 pages are actually sitting duelists xD

(Landøn) #3

Yeah bro you should just queue. There’s only going to be 55 horde spots and 32 alliance spots. Did some calculations and thats what i got to. Anyways good luck on your push!

(Deception) #4

ugh ok q up then

(Thellendir) #5

We never talk anymore bb I miss u

(Deception) #6

it’s because i barely play wow anymore :3 i shall make an effort to msg u more frequently