[A]<Redefined> Recruiting 3/9H Aberuss LF DPS and Tank

Redefined is currently recruiting for Heroic Aberruss and Mythic+. Currently we are looking for DPS to add to the raiding roster.

We are also offering an invitation for those returning or looking for a social guild.

As a guild with most members over 30, we are fairly laidback but focused. We are recruiting in hopes of adding quality players and adding nostalgia of a true guild of friends. You know, people you just enjoy playing with.

We are a AOTC progression, KSM, and Achievements guild. I mean who doesn’t like mounts?

Raid schedule is Sat & Sun 6pm - 9pm CST.

If you have any questions, leave a comment, or you can reach me on Bnet: Charmless#1847 Discord: Charmless#0890

Special shout out to Swagik & Xander of Bad Bananas for being real ones. Couldn’t be here without you two!

Thanks for your time

Where are all the pumpers hiding?

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