Area 52 Server- Lag (Loot Lag)

Area 52 is back to how it was before the reset last night. Looting take 60-180 seconds, causing teleporting etc. Completing quest has similar reactions.

I just did an instance and without looting i could play normally. Just not fun to pass up on all the loot, quest items, skinning. etc.

Do we need another reset? What’s going on here?

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That’s not something that anyone here is going to be able to help you with. There are no developers or engineers here.

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Same. Talking to NPCs and looting causes me to lag to where I can’t use spells or hit stuff but everyone around me is still moving and fighting without any problem

Yep, same. Area52 has been completely unplayable since Dragonflight launched. I haven’t been able to actually play. The farthest I got was some mob looting taking over 30 seconds, quest turn ins not registering and taking over a minute to finally let me click complete quest…the literal few minutes I’m able to stay in the server are so frustrating and disappointing. Adding insult to injury is Blizz’s almost complete radio silence. A forum post riddled with error 404 links on twitter and a shoddy “sorry we suck” tweet doesn’t satisfy a single customer. This is ridiculous PR.

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