Are your healthstones disappearing after every death?

All in the title. Was running a +14 SD tonight and all our healthstones were disappearing after every death, no matter if we used them or not. Super frustrating.

Yep, thought I was going out of my mind earlier.

Yeah mine go away from my bag but still on my action bar pisses me off

(Sweet covid mask, super safe, bro)

So I see this from the hotfix notes

This is definitely not what is happening. Our lock was present the entire time. Whenever we wiped, stones just disappeared completely, which is annoying and terrifying for a tank.

Super frustrating considering cookies are amazing for this week. I gotta plop it down more often not due to usage but disappearing from 0-1 charge.


I haven’t ran with a warlock since the change but a rumor I heard was that if you distance yourself far enough from the party warlock that the stones disappear.

That might be what was happening in sanguine depths since the res points can be incredibly far away.

Also, this shouldn’t be happening -inside- of M+ groups. Just delete any old healthstone anyone has when the key is inserted.

If it’s happening specifically on death/release, it’s possibly a bug around “where” the game counts you as being in at the point of release - e.g. (this is utter specifulation):
Yyou used to release into the nearest graveyard outside the dungeon, and then it was changed to port you to the starting point. It’s possible the way the code works is you actually release just like normal (outside the dungeon), then it instantly activates a revive, and a teleport back into the dungeon. So as far as the code is concerned, there might be a brief (think 0.02 seconds) window where your character technically counts as “not being in dungeon”, therefore triggering a condition that despawns healthstones.