Are you using artifact skins from legion?

(Amarlly) #13

My Paladin will forever be using Ashbringer, and my Hunter will always use the MM artifact just for the quiver, other than that though none of them were very appealing to me.


Yep, I’m using a lot of the hidden artifact appearances. My favourite artifact is Alu’neth or Fel’melorn. The corrupted ashbringer artifact appearance is also really cool as well.

(Nusku) #15

Hulk bear and shiny pink cat.

Other than those two, sometimes Prot Warrior and Prot Pally.

Everything else wasn’t that distinctive or interesting, to me.

(Stealthius) #17

Sure do. The Unleashed Monstrosities skin for Strom’kar especially looks great with the Golden King plate on my Arms Warrior! I also use them on my Frost DK, BM Hunter, Fury Warrior, Feral Druid, and Havoc DH.


The mage tower arms skin is my favorite skin in the game hands down


I haven’t been so far. I know I’ll go back to them but I get a bit lazy on transmog when I’m changing gear a lot and I was good with the faction oriented stuff for this expansion. Definitely been using it a while though and will change it up in the nearish future.

(Syegfryed) #20

I would, if i could use then regardless the spec, this lock feels totally awful and immersion breaking imo.

Want to use the axe fury get on my arms, its impossible, can’t use my doomhamer on my elemental shaman, its not rly fun

(Spiçy) #21

100% on my DK. Not as much on my paladin since i dont have nearly as many appearances

(Rhuor) #22

I used the Mage Tower skins on many of my characters, but I need to go back through and fix every mog now that the hide everything but pants change is in the game. So many specs, so little time.

(Karat) #23

Agreed. I’m going to be switching back to them on my alt once I’m comfortable that I’ll be able to keep my weapons for a while.


I’ve been using the mage tower appearances this whole expansion!

I just finished balance of power last night so I’m using the jungle cat skin for feral.

(Autai) #25

I’m working on the Balance of Power questchain just for the Holy Priest staff…that I won’t be able to use unless I am wielding a staff…

Let me mog over One Hand & Offhand into a Staff Blizzard.


You can use any of the artifact appearances on any weapon type

(Autai) #27

Oh my goodness are you serious?


Yep it’s the best!

(Soulprison) #29

Same. I really like Thakiel.

(Autai) #30

This changes a lot of things.

Though I would still love to be able to use it if I go Disp…but that’s a different request.

Thank you for correcting me!

(Gaahr) #31

The werebear is practically a must for me, so yes.


This looks like a good thread to drop my let me use my artifact appearances cross spec AAAGHHH!!! post.
So yeah.

(Cursewords) #33

My Druid uses the Resto Mage Tower Skin, because I think it fits the spec perfectly.

I use the Prot Mage Tower skin weapon on my Paladin Alt. But my Paladin is retired for BfA, so it is purely decorative.

I did the Affliction Mage Tower on this Warlock, but I need to kill Heroic Archi to unlock the Gold Skin. At least I can always go back for that. Perhaps next expac, I will be able to solo it.