Are you using artifact skins from legion?



I worked so hard for them and the ones I want to use are specs I dont like in bfa… arms and feral…

Might use my fury ones because i can never find a war mog i like


Yeah, I use the thalkiel artifact for demo, glad they allow him to speak to us again, his personality is great.

(Rhielle) #3

Yup! I love the PvP skins for most of my characters. My druid is using the MT skin for Balance and the for Resto, the Balance of Power skin. Sometimes I use the MT skin, depending on outfit.


yes, the two handed axe of the warbreaker is in my opinion the best looking weapon in the game for warriors.

(Slyboots) #5

Mage tower for life.


Yep. And on my hunter too, I LOVE the bow…it has such gorgeous purple colors and a quiver!

(Ataxerxes) #7

I never cared much for the Prot set from Legion to be honest, even when we were in Legion. The shield was OK, but just OK.


They’re the best looking weapon models to date. So upset we didnt get any in 7.3

(Paladina) #9

I love my Flail and Shield but sadly have no real set I use it with anymore. Maybe as I wore it thru the end of Legion with my “Light” set but I’m all dark and black now so no use for much of any of it.

(Stingray) #10

The Assassination mage tower daggers are so sweet. It’s going to be hard to find something else.


If I could use the Holy/Disc staff appearances as a Shadow Priest, I definitely would, but alas, I haven’t used a dagger yet in BFA and besides that there are better dagger transmogs than Xal’atath (sorry, Knaifu).

(Donalesh) #12

Using my Arms Mage Tower skin because I love it.

(Amarlly) #13

My Paladin will forever be using Ashbringer, and my Hunter will always use the MM artifact just for the quiver, other than that though none of them were very appealing to me.


Yep, I’m using a lot of the hidden artifact appearances. My favourite artifact is Alu’neth or Fel’melorn. The corrupted ashbringer artifact appearance is also really cool as well.

(Nusku) #15

Hulk bear and shiny pink cat.

Other than those two, sometimes Prot Warrior and Prot Pally.

Everything else wasn’t that distinctive or interesting, to me.

(Stealthius) #17

Sure do. The Unleashed Monstrosities skin for Strom’kar especially looks great with the Golden King plate on my Arms Warrior! I also use them on my Frost DK, BM Hunter, Fury Warrior, Feral Druid, and Havoc DH.


The mage tower arms skin is my favorite skin in the game hands down


I haven’t been so far. I know I’ll go back to them but I get a bit lazy on transmog when I’m changing gear a lot and I was good with the faction oriented stuff for this expansion. Definitely been using it a while though and will change it up in the nearish future.

(Syegfryed) #20

I would, if i could use then regardless the spec, this lock feels totally awful and immersion breaking imo.

Want to use the axe fury get on my arms, its impossible, can’t use my doomhamer on my elemental shaman, its not rly fun

(Spiçy) #21

100% on my DK. Not as much on my paladin since i dont have nearly as many appearances