Are you still using your artifact skin?

(Vesco) #105

Thank you.

(Heferwizen) #106

Too bad it clips hard with the Highmountain Heritage armor back piece…

(Erixi) #107

Not on my main because Enhance doesnt get the option of 2 Doomhammers or 2 elemental based weapons :frowning: I would so rock those elemental based weapons though.

I might on a couple of alts though. Definitely my druid till I get a KT one up.

(Alzar) #108

Some xmog sets I do because I can use a staff even when using a 1h/oh, Guardian I do 100% of the time otherwise I look like a damn fruit loop.


I love how my Marksman Hunter looks with the artifact bow/sheath. Goes so perfectly with my Xmog! O_O


Not atm. I’ve just been going with the faction colored items for the fun of it. I’m sure I’ll change to something else soon and burn more gold at the transmog vendor.

BFA Unholy Death Knight Feedback (Cont.)
(Waraila) #111

I am, because as a feral it’s nice being able to have a different look in cat form than the default. Only downside is that I’m now permanently using daggers than don’t match any transmog, instead of all the nice looking polearms. (even though I’m using a polearm transmogged to daggers)

Feral (and guardian) have an exception here to transmog rules when it comes to mogging our artefact as it affects our animal forms - and neither bear or cat can dual wield, and the artefact is a pair of daggers (or fists)


I use a few. My Horde paladin uses the Ashbringer skin that’s made of fire, my Horde mage uses the purple PvP Aluneth skin, my belf DH uses the green fire glaives, I think my monk uses the red PvP Windwalker appearance… And other than that, I can’t think of any.

(Fugubar) #113

Mogged over my artifact the minute I received it. Never had any need for skins.

(Vispio) #114

Nah because we somehow can’t seem to fix the bug where artifacts can’t be transmoged from wands. So glad I worked to get it in Legion, only to get a 395 wand and not be able to see my Deadwind Harvester Poggers

(Gryphandor) #115

I stopped using my artifact weapon as a MoG option due to the link between main and off-hand. For instance I killed Kruul for the flail on my Warrior and Paladin. Not the shields yet I can’t MoG the flails without the shields that don’t match my MoGs. Also more fuel for the fire would be the Druid forms. I completely hate how the weapons are linked to the forms. Some things in BfA just don’t match these weapon appearances. It is crap.

(Snikrot) #116

I didn’t even use them in Legion. Arcanite Reaper HO!!!


The one I want to use it the most on, my mage - is stuck with a 380 wand for the foreseeable future.


(Limelight) #118

Nope. I may use fire on my Mage when I start using the spec more, but I’m not a big fan of the staff skins for Arcane and Frost.

(Niingdorei) #119

I would but you can’t mog them over wands :frowning: (relatedly, it’s hard to find a good wand mog)

I understand that this one has some gameplay issues because wands still have their ranged attacks but can’t you just get rid of the wand ranged attack?

(Harkarden) #120

I was using Titanstrike for quite a while until I got a new gun in BFA I thought was better. Some of my characters still have theirs though.

(Neall) #121

Prot Warriors are using Mage Tower Appearance with the Plus 15 Skin.

Guardian Druids, of course are in Mage Tower WereBear Form.

Prot Paladins are swinging that Mage Tower Flail.

The Armory isn’t showing the shields right on the Warriors for some reason.


If you play a Warrior you get a hidden appearance that’s an Arcanite Reaper.

(Snikrot) #123

Yea… it’s almost as good as the original Arcanite Reaper but not as iconic so my Warrior still uses Arcanite Reaper/Spinal Reaper depending on my mood.


Armory’s been acting up lately. Took a while before the update came to change how I look.