Are you happy with Elemental or is it just Dead?


It has been along time since there was a post or discussion about Elemental here so the title says it all.

For myself 8.1 helped somewhat but was greatly lacking in what was implied by Ion as to why we had to wait so long until a patch. Changing a couple of talents and moving a couple more with some damage tweeks could have been hot fixed rather than waiting for a patch.

I think there a still things that are needed both for function and for fun/feel.

The following talents should be baseline and replaced.
•Earthen Fury: mobility and pvp
•Echo of the Elements: rotation/smoothness
•Spirit Wolf: survivability/movement

Replaced by
•Path of Flame: 5% Lava Surge chance increase, 10% Lava Burst damage.
•Lightning Rod: 20% chance to increase Lightning Bolt/Chain Lighting damage by 5%.
•Veins of the Earth: When you Astral Shift your next two Healing Surge casts will be instant, if cast upon self healing is increased by 15%. Duration 30 seconds.

Just some thoughts

(Majyka) #2

Damage-wise, Elemental is doing quite well right now, both in M+ and raid. Personally, I just find it too turrety to really enjoy anymore. Even in PvP, it just feels too slow with so many hard casts, and totally dependent on lasso to do well.

We know changes aren’t coming until 9.0 at the earliest, so it’s worth playing if you enjoy it.


I agree the damage is fairly good if something lives long enough to ramp up and mobs don’t move to much or you can actually turret.

The idea would be that Earthen Rage doesn’t do enough damage as it is now to make much difference in our overall output but does help us in movement heavy fights.

The idea behind the two new talents would help define play styles between those who want more Lava Bursts and those who enjoy Lighting.


I mained Ele all legion and it was the best the spec has ever been in my opinion, the numbers are good now but if the playstyle isn’t fun then they could be top dps by a great margin and I’d still not play it. I honestly think the biggest part of that is the removal of Gust of Wind, if that spell returned even if it was a talent with a 1 minute cooldown I’d go back to Ele


Ele is one of the best PvE specs in the game right now. It is very strong in both M+ and Raid.


And yet you see so few of them, and its not just about numbers its about fun, smoothness, and survivability

(Meadamemnon) #7

As Elemental we are in an identity crisis, again, sadly. The tree really needs to be fixed as the community sends mixed messages. The reality is this, some people LOVE LIGHTNING, some people LOVE LAVA BURST, and some people LOVE ICEFURY/Legion playstyles. In my opinion, blizzard needs to understand that and design the tree so we can have those playstyles to suit the one we prefer, individually. They are part way there but not all the way.

For Instance, make echo baseline and move Control Lava from PvP Talents and put it in its place. The problem with Control Lava is that it removes mobility to an already immobile spec, so no one uses it. Its a dead PvP talent. But they could if, instead of it replacing Lava Surge, it replaced Echo of the Elements. This way you could have really big Lava Bursts, but only 1, or just large Lava Bursts but have 2.

Next, to keep with the fire theme, add in Spiritwalkers grace built into Ascendance. So when you pop it, you have the mobility that is needed in PvP and PvE. Thats why it falls behind and not many use it. Although, there are plenty that would like to, and plenty that rerolled because they feel they cant that would jump back to ELE in a heart beat. Casting Lava Burst on the move very cool.

Then finally, the dead talent that is Unlimited Power. Its dead because its on the wrong tier. Just like Master of the Elements was in 8.0. To fix this, switch IceFury and Unlimited Power in the talent tree. Simple. Now you got a choice between SoP, Unlimited Power, and PE. More over it makes it more feasible and actually gives us and identity by doing this. Your last talent row would be, IceFury (legion playstyle), Stormkeeper (Lightning playstyle), and Ascendance w/ casting while moving (Lava Burst playstyle).

If this happened you would see so many different type of ELE’s out there (assuming balance) and everyone would be happy. You want to play Lightning style, do it. You want Lava style, do it.

They want to talk about class Identity, well there it is. Thats how you build class identity through talents, through playstyle.

Just my opinion, I could be wrong… but not likely.


We need a survivability fix also. For a turret caster we lack the tools.

(Kgrin) #9

I had fun with ele/enh last expansion. He is now on bench duty. I leveled to 120, got some gear, and called it quits. Just not fun to play in my world.


The damage in 8.1 has become quite decent so the legions of braindead flavor of the mont player now consider the spec good, but really 8.1 didnt do nearly enough to make the spec fun, engaging, and worth it. I’ve switched mains for the first time since I started playing WoW, and now as a Mage I’m just shocked at how smooth the game can be. I get to blink around to avoid damage and it doesnt even interrupt my spell cast, while elemental has to walk out of stuff and cast frost shock for no damage like idiots. Mage gets bloodlust, hex, an aoe root, and a purge except the purge steals the effect, so on some fights i get crazy good buffs.

Legit everything about Mage is better than Elemental. Elemental has many downsides and nothing to counter balance them. It’s a real joke. Legion had a fair deal, Elemental was awesome to play, it was fun. Now it’s boring as hell and useless. It’s mind blowing how a billion dollar company can drop the ball so hard on something so obvious


And now self heals are nerfed in PvP through a mana rengeration nerf. That is if you can even get the casts off.

(Bertimus) #12

Elemental is good as hell what are you smoking?


Elemental does decent damage as long as no melee pays attention to you, but as soon as they do you lack the survival or escape tools to deal with them. As a turret caster we are supposed to have better survivability but one heal that can be shut down and no escape melee just beats us into the ground. That’s what I’m smoking.