Are you going to play Classic WoW?

(Yaccia) #275

yes I will play classic , been waiting many years tempted by private servers but holding off , thank you Blizzard.


Who knows, maybe Classic will even grow beyond Naxx and we’ll get new content for the game that retail doesn’t have. Maybe even Ogres and High Elves (on their correct factions :smiling_imp:)


If retail wow is so bad that im looking for a old system to entertain me, then yeah I will. This current expansion I woulda been all over classic. BFA IS GARBAGE. 8.2 looks terrible.


I don’t think it is the expansion as much as the player base. Unless it is a bunch of old timers wrapped in nostalgia, it will be pugs and frustrated people bad mouthing and wanting to kick the first person that does not perform up to snuff. Think guilds will suddenly come back ? Just a guess, but many who have never played classic will be frustrated by it pretty quickly.


True enough. Although, you may disagree with me here but the journey is a huge part of the MMORPG, and as of right now, you don’t feel the journey, it’s just the same over and over. Leveling feels like an obstacle and max level is just spam M+ on your free time and raid with guildies during the raid nights. At least progression-wise doesn’t feel like there as a lot you can do.

But yeah, I agree that the playerbase also plays a huge role in this.


I probably spent half my /played in Vanilla WoW. It was a formative experience, but i have zero interest in reliving it.

It’s like people being asked if they’d like to relive high school again when they’re in their 30s or 40s. What creepy psycho actually wants to do that?

Now, for people who didn’t play Vanilla (and, logic dictates that’s probably the majority of the current player base), I’m sure there’s gonna be some curiosity, but a generation that complains about the grind in current WoW isn’t gonna play “Classic” for longer than a week or two. I genuinely can’t believe Blizzard thinks there’s going to be enough long term players for all the work they’ve put into it to be worth it, and it just really adds up to the all the other stupidity they’ve been doing (ie: BfA’s story).


Who’s been watching the beta on Twitch?

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i think you can use new models if you want right? anyways i will be playing classic is the only game im looking forward to playing, atm im not playing anything.

(Stenchbone) #283

No transmog -> No deal.



(Stenchbone) #285

Have fun looking like somebody who survived an explosion at an armor thrift store.

(Jalën) #286

Gonna be great! Much prefer Classics gear progression than the randomized multi layered RNG progression we have in BFA.


Have fun playing a bad game.

(Vegito) #288

we want classic because it has a sense of progression when BFA is just dress up doll simulator with no real progression


Absolutely Not! I already been there and done that.

(Ganrel) #290

Yes, it’s a lot more fun than retail for me. I’m not an uber-casual who is down for collecting mounts or pets, or doing pet battles. I’m not a hardcore raider who is down for doing the most current raids, and I’m not big into spamming M+ dungeons either. The BfA story is bad, and the questing usually gets boring after you’ve went to 120 once or twice.

Classic actually makes me feel like I’m playing an MMORPG and not a lobby simulator.

(Honeymoon) #291

Of those who actually stomach the grind to max level, most won’t actively log in and play the way they do on live servers, because there’s basically nothing to do at that point, certainly not when held in contrast to today’s game.

You won’t be playing through big engaging ongoing storylines, because the original release of WoW had almost no story or character development to speak of, certainly far less than any of the last few expansions, as notoriously limited as they have been in that regard.

You won’t be coming back consistently to work on daily quests, because those won’t exist.

You won’t be hanging out working on achievements, because those won’t exist.

You won’t be collecting pets, toys, or transmog gear, because those systems won’t exist.

You’re unlikely to be collecting mounts, because there will be relatively few available, and they all take up a chunk of your very limited bag space.

You won’t be quickly queuing up and teleporting to dungeons when you have a few minutes free, because there’s no group finder for those — or any activity for that matter — so you’ll need to be ready to slow-travel to every drawn-out dungeon after manually assembling a group for decidedly non-mythic experiences.

If you’re a serious raider, you’ll spend more of your time in-game literally just grinding for the stuff necessary to even complete the raids than you will in the raids themselves, and the abysmal early raid design and miserly loot system will see people quickly abandon raiding, to the point where just finding 40 willing and capable people will soon be the biggest challenge.


If Pets, achievements and dailies were removed from retail, I wouldnt bat an eye. Im not sure what you’re listing actually enhances the game.

The people coming back for, or switching to classic know full well what you say (or never got the experience it).

Yeah, youll have to assemble guild runs for dungeons or spam chat, which obviously comes without the convenience of group finder, but people managed back then. Also, news flash, people had plenty to do at max level.

The people painting retail as some beautiful rose are loyal to this game to a fault. Ive played BFA. The current story isn’t improvement over what classic lacked in story; M+ isnt satisfying; Warfronts are just welfare zones; Raids have been average, at best; their crown jewel - the neck - was completely redesigned halfway through an expansion because of how bad it flopped; the Art has been the best part of the expansion.

Not sure if people like you are trying to convince those who want to play classic that they shouldnt, or youre really trying to convince yourself what we have now is actually a good expansion. The end of the day, theres a tremendous amount of interest in classic.

If BFA was so great, there wouldnt be so much interest in classic. Apparently all these QOL improvements arent enough to keep people engaged with retail.


Great rebuttal. If they love BFA so much why do they spend all their time doing old content for mounts and transmog. BFA is bad, nothing about it makes you excited to do the stuff he listed.

(Wayn) #294

I will be playing classic WoW. My wife is coming back for it also. We plan to roll two of the same class(not sure which yet). I am excited.