Are you a Raid Leader without a team?

A Night Off Guild is looking to rebuild and recruit at least Raid Leader. We have multiple raiding teams and are looking to push at least one of them thru to deep mythic raiding for Dragon Flight. What we offer is a diligent recruitment team, full guild support including repairs and all consumables for your team. We are willing to bring you on, and a group of raiders if you have them and help set you up. We have experience in doing this many times and have consistently supported struggling teams to become as successful as they want to up to and including multiple CE teams.

If this sounds like something you might be interested in on either Stormrage Alliance or Zul’Jin Horde then message me Sylv#1787 or SpanaticSyndrom#6785 on Discord.

bump me to the top also

ANO has a proven record of taking failing teams and supporting them to CE

Experienced recruitment team wiling to build a team around you!

Leggo DF inc