Are weekly chests fun for anyone?

It is certainly a gamble as to what you’d get. But I’ve found with any gamble that investing yourself into it at all is a lose lose scenario since there’s little you can actively do to influence what you get. It’s true that mmos in general involve rng from standard loot tables. An item may drop or may not drop. But at least there’s some player agency there in picking what you’d get by choosing which boss you’d kill. Even in current m+ there’s player agency in picking what key you’d do. Yes there are multiple attempts somehow needed where you may take the maximum number to get a needed item (I needed at least 50 to get a good ilvl set of bracers from workshop) but you still at least know it is in that loot table to be dropped from.

Weekly chests on the other hand just feel disappointing. The exception to this may of course be if you don’t min max at all. In that instance yes I suppose it’s a thrill to be able to get your near best ilvl gear no matter its impact as an earned reward. Please consider changing of getting rid of weekly chests in Shadowlands Blizzard. The gear from completing m+ dungeons as a max gear cap is good enough. Phantom bis sets are just that much more aggravating than appealing

Nah, the chest is good.

Just about the only reason to do M+ for more than a couple weeks each season.

I sort of agree with this. I just wish they’d do something more like an end of Legion model. Rn it’s an rng clown fiesta what you’d get. And it’s entirely possible to get the same thing literally more than once.

I will say though shouldn’t the chest at the end of the m+ run be reward enough? I do know that pvpers have complained about having to pve for this sort of content as as is it’s just far easier to get a random 475 and pray what you need is what comes out (phantom bis lists) vs grinding arenas to a high enough level first to get that gear from there instead based on rating. To pvers too the idea that you can get better gear or comparable gear to mythic from a chest over actually killing bosses…seems a little ridiculous. Makes a system like raiderio more vital than it should be

It’s a compromise.

  • No lock out keeps a higher number of keys running.
  • 475 from an end of dungeon chest would be too much or too unattainable.
  • 475 available from m+ keeps keys active for more than 2 weeks a patch.

I don’t think they could do anything better to limit loot AND keep high key usage than to use the weekly chest. 465 loot cap from M+ would have deadended the season back in late April.

This is improved in Shadowlands - you’ll be able to choose 1 of 3 equally powerful items from the weekly chest.

I’d like there to also be BLP, where they don’t give you the same slot two weeks in a row, and the items you get to choose from are weighted more heavily towards the slots where you have the worst gear; I don’t remember if that was going to be part of the changes or not.

You kids really need EVERY single thing that makes the games length shorter don’t you? From three options right down to no doubles? Good lord, we going to throw out free carries for you all while we’re at it? Seems to be headed that way.

Oh and Jape, the seasons would still be on. MDI is here to stay there is money to be made from it and meta’s lower tier kids will never use properly to test out!

Oh I know the Seasons will still be on, participation might just fall off a steep cliff.

Right now, keys are about the weekly chest, sockets, and the occasionally fun of what an overgeared group can do to a 15. RNG forges are gone in SL, and if the chest went away? The only reason to do more than a couple weeks of keys would be to chase that .io.

I really like them, it gives me a nice treat to look forward to every week because I work a lot I don’t have time to grind like most people

weekly chests that reward the same slot with the same stat 6 weeks in a row is idiotic … there’s something broken in the code if i get crit haste boots 6 weeks running. I had to skip a week of my chest to try and break the streak.

The idea is great, but the randomized loot is BS.

Also wth am i supposed to use this 20k titan residuum for now that ive gotten my 3 BiS?

Get them for your other specs?

hahah “other specs”

frost is like the betamax of BfA

Might be nice if there was a BoA Titan Residuum Cache that cost say 10k TR and redeemed for 7.5k TR, similar to War Resources.