Are we past Horde vs Alliance?

yep, the feeling of needing to lean the scale becomes worst and worst and the end of the day both factions and most of their characters are protected by the plot armor delivered by the dollars from both sides.

the end result is a complete mess like bfa where no one want to lose their insert fav character. or nothing more at all

i think that we could use a timeskip or something like that.
maybe that will be somehow " a fresh start"

only to be ruined anyway by some dumb unresolved conflict later!

According to Ion, we’ll never be.

It’s a ‘core staple of the game’

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The weird thing about unforgivable crimes and horrible evils is that if and when they stop happening, people begin to stop caring about them.

I wonder what people would think of the Horde if for the next five years they didn’t touch a single hair on the Alliance’s collective head.

But we are just as bad. Remember? We had Arthas. So that means the horde and alliance are now even on the moral scale.


Arthas only went evil because of Ner’zhul and he was, who guessed it? An Orc.

I know your comment was meant sarcastic but I just wanted to mention it that with Anduin’s logic, we could blame Arthas on the horde. Same with Gul’dan.

that was a funny joke by anduin, thats is why i love him, he has a great sense of humor.
oh,and apparently daelin, the guy who was never part of the current alliance.
and if we think about it for a moment he was right after all,

the sad part is that the writers legitimately think that this is justification for the countless of unthinkable crimes the horde has commited. Daelin was completely right and Arthas could be blamed on the horde because Ner’zhul was an orc when we use this weird logic.

That was the Horde.

Just fyi, this scenario was incredibly insulting trash garbage.


they manage to encapsule everything that we both hate from faction war in a scenario, forced to help your enemies,specially those who you have a grudge on, forced to help baine, forced to help thrall,forced to help jaina if you are zandalari or belf, forced to help saurfang if you are nelf,forced to accept a peace between them.
and being told that is part of a “grand plan”.

they even portrayed as the sunreaver in the wrong,again.
i guess that it was worse for horde because at least i was killing horde. it was amazinly bad. i mean what they forget?

When Anduin (Alliance representative of the expansion’s story) tried to make this exact same argument to Saurfang (meant to represent the Horde), he immediately responded with…

This idea that Blizzard considers the Horde and Alliance some kind of moral equivalence and that everything is now made right was refuted outright in the theme and literal text of that scene and BfA’s greater narrative. I know you’re making a sarcastic joke… but there’s nothing there to make a sarcastic joke about.

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No confirmation on that yet. In Nazjatar Thalyssra remarked on how the Alliance and Horde worked together in Suramar. Unless I missed something, much like who actually carries the Heart of Azeroth, who grew the Arcan’dor is still a Schrödinger’s Champion situation.

Relatedly, during the Heart of Azeroth questchain that takes place in Highmountain, Ebonhorn also calls me Champion and remarks on seeing me again even though I’m Alliance there as well.

In a word, no.

The conclusion of BFA means that the Faction Conflict retreats to the background status it’s had since the release of Burning Crusade. But it’s not going away. Even in Nazjatar and Mechagon Island, you have commanders sending you to PVP missions against the other faction.

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There was enough for me to draw the conclusion in the recruitment scenario. But I would have to double check later to remember the detail I found compelling.

That’s 8.2 content. The faction conflict concluded 8.2.5.

No it does not conclude. The only thing that ended was the current campaign. The Faction War is about as over as the Korean War.

Uhh…no? We’ve been here before folks. This is just the breather before Blizzard contrives another reason for the Faction War to be another expac again.

Can’t wait to see which Horde leader character goes stupid!Evil next time.

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Horde vs Alliance has been a staple of Warcraft since WC2 and will continue being so. The two sides can be at peace and can sometimes work together against a common threat, but the bottom line is they’re still two factions who are in direct competition with each other when it comes to resources. At best it’s going to be tension between them and a few minor skirmishes over who gets this piece of land, and at worst, global warfare.

Why do any of them have to? Sylvanas has always been evil. People who can’t see that are either in denial or just haven’t been paying attention. And Garrosh…well, Garrosh was Garrosh.

With her departure and Nathanos and Gallywix going with her, there aren’t any on the Horde leadership roster who are villains. Yes, Blizzard could say that one of these guys goes nuts and decides to start a war if they wanted to, but that would be a grossly epic level character assassination.

Yeah, I think it’s more likely they’d pull a Garrosh. I.E. introduce another less established character and build them up for the sake of sparking conflict. Of all the main roster- Horde and Alliance- Tyrande and Genn seem the most likely to go off the reservation and launch an attack on the Horde, Admiral Proudmoore style. There’s also Yrel, who isn’t Alliance proper, but close enough to have sympathizers.

having yrel returning to the alliance and add her purge theme would be great for us.

the light taken to one extreme!
Yrel was the main focus of wod from the alliance side, i believe that she can return and be welcomed with open arms.