Are we going to have to PVE in Shadowlands?

Been playing since 2004, can’t seem to get a beta invite. Maybe I need to be a streamer or something.

Anyway, can we please get a confirmation on this? Are we going to have to PVE to PVP in the upcoming Shadowlands expansion?

Some people say yes, some say no. Some say the PVP vendor is back, most of everyone say it sucks donkey. Expansion is coming up in 3 to 4 months, I highly doubt they’ll be big enough changes at this point especially considering it’s PVP which is always neglected. The next expansion might be the time I’ll quit playing permanently depending on the decision going forward regarding this.


If you want optimal gear. Then most likely, yes you will have to do a decent bit of PvE content.

Decent bit as in, doing Mythic raiding and relying on 19 others? Decent as in, what we are currently doing right now? Endless dailies, ungodly boring amount of visions, M15 every week for mostly 99% garbage loot? By decent, you mean these?


Probably torghast, 15s, and pvp. I think Torghast is less cumbersome than visions.

that’s bs

lol they really need to fire some people or hire some new breeds of dev


I agree with you. But I feel like a 15 a week and a questline is okay, kinda enjoy doing some other content every now and then. Would be dope though if all the best pvp gear came from PvP.

What we have now is just ridiculous though lol

joke’s on u guys, ur gonna wanna run 15 m+ runs a week to maximize your choices

Whoa, timeout 15 different 15keys a week? Please provide the source so I can know if I have to quit the game.

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The weekly box now allows you to select pieces of loot and your options are increased based on how many things you do a week.
You could run one 15 a week but you’re gonna hurt your options quite a bit compared to doing all the stuff.

Doing 15 mythics will net you an extra gear choice in your weekly cache. Not required, shouldn’t be a huge discrepancy between doing it vs. not.

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Yeah doesn’t seem too bad, still get the chance + a currency if it sucks for doing one.

Yes if you are Human

the pvp vendor was never the reason pvp gear was better than pve gear for pvp

in mop we had a pvp stat (in SL we dont)
in in wod pvp gear scaled up ilvl to be like 15 or 20 over max pve gear in arena (in SL it wont)

so the vendor is irrelevant
the vendor is the same as the cap system now except you pick the order



10 chara

it’s as if, our voices aren’t being heard.

Think about those poor players who like to level characters through BGs/Arena.

They won’t even be able to interact with any covenant or unlock soulbinds. :slight_smile:

oopsie daisy.

im calling it now. SL is merely just BFA 2.0

pve will still be a requirement for pvpers.
gearing will still be horrible (essences/traits/corruption is basically still in the game, just renamed to covenants/soulbinds/legendaries)

its going to suck, but we are addicted to WoW so we will still play it

  1. PvE is easier and faster to gear up (doing max M+ is easier than getting 2400)

  2. You need to get your best legendary to be competitive in PvP (ie you have to PvE to get that.)

  3. You need to get your best conduits from PvE in order to be competitive in PvP.

Yeah this is my biggest gripe, it’s not really balanced for gear ilvls

Only saving grace for PvP is that you get azerite at 475 for being 1800 which is pretty easy too

I personally think max ilvl M+ gear should be from a timed 20 or the PvP requirement should be lowered

But I also think if they’re obsessed with stuff like where in raiding last two mythic bosses give higher ilvl gear, there should be a level from M+ and Arena where you can get that too (say a 25+ timed, or 2700+ in arena)


You could just pick rmx and be fine.