Are we getting A/H epilogue cutscenes with pre-patch?

With the SL pre-patch coming this Tues anyone know if this means we are getting the two epilogue cutscenes? Been digging around on Wowhead trying to find any hints on the patch notes but didn’t see any;

We already got them I think. Though I have no idea what triggered it, I ran into Valeera in Zuldazar and she dragged me to the Horde one. She just sort of randomly had a quest marker.

I’m pretty sure you have to do the Kill N’zoth quest first before it becomes available.


Ahh, yup! That would make sense. Not much of a raider, but I did decide to finally finish that quest chain the same day. Figures its gated like the Vol’jin questline.

Just going to put it out there, those are some really disturbing thumbnails. Especially Thrall. I wish he would stop staring into my soul.



TY for the replies! I think that explains it since I haven’t done it yet…time to hit up LFR now, =P

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Did you guys see that ending cinematic where the Alliance story ended with tension and the Horde united for a better future?


So if I never complete that raid, I never have to watch that cringe short. Thank goodness.

I’m actually looking forward to this. I want to see what happens to Anduin, Jaina, Thrall and Baine when they get captured by the Mawsworn, and how they also wanted to capture Tyrande, but are surprised when she fends them off.

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Ah… In game animations. I suppose thats a proper sendoff for the expansions… Just going through the motions as it were…


dangit I may have spoke too soon, I killed N’Zoth and completed the quest;

I turned it into Magni and he has no more quests for me yet I am still not getting any notification/breadcrumb/etc for the epilogue. And after checking Wowhead it lists both The Price of Peace and A Gathering of Champions as obsolete? Did they remove them that fast? =\

That quest being completed triggers Valeera in the to offer the epilogue quest.

That’s interesting and rather surprising.

New Horde players* will go from Sylvanas as Warchief to suddenly a Horde Council without seeing it from and Gallywix being replaced by Gazlowe.

*New players are immediately sent to BfA content and don’t have access to Chromie time until they their first character to 50.

Ughhh, so yeah I’m not sure what to do then, maybe I’m just out of luck cause I waited too long?

Quick question; has anyone been able to get this in-game lately? Like within the last month or so? Last comments I seen on Wowhead regarding The Price of Peace and A Gathering of Champions is like people doing it back in March or so.

Just wondering if anyone’s been able to do this with a fresh toon lately.

Or maybe there’s some other trigger I’m not meeting? Faction rep maybe?

I was able to do the quests on September 21st, if that helps any.

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With the story done ten times better?

Oh yeah. Legion onwards has been a downward slope of story knee jerks.

I’d say the story went downhill when they turned the narrative into a trashy cape-superhero story surrounding faction leaders. As bad as Vanilla and BC were, the story was vague enough for players to make up their own story.