Are we allowed to sell dungeon boss loot?

With gdkps banned are we allowed to sell boss drops from dungeons? Like how rogues/druids sold legs from wc etc or does that fall under the new rules?

The whole point of BoP gear was to keep it off the market. If the devs wanted these to be sold, they’d make BoE.



You’re so silly.

No. This falls under the broad category of ‘gold bid’ that’s now not allowed. Nothing in instances are to be sold for goods or gold.

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I can’t wait until they break boost xp.


People have been selling dungeon carries and items since 2005.

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why cant you just play the game like a normal person?

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I never made use of boosting (buying or selling). I mostly liked gold farms that didn’t involve people, like Protadin farming places like Strath and Scholo. Relaxing and easy that way.

But yeah… boosting is lame.

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That really wasn’t directed at you, btw, just my thumb tying random thoughts

Fixed that for ya.

Looks like a no to me.

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Exactly this. BOP means selling is not allowed. I would also just post BOEs on the AH instead of trying to sell them in the dungeon or raid.

Lying is a sin.

Why’d you lie, then?

I didn’t. I called you silly. That’s very accurate.