Are we ALL being funneled to one zone at launch?

That would not work. Shadowlands is designed to be linear and tell a single overarching story. They have to be done in a specific order to get that story across properly. As Such Everyone has to Start in the Maw, go to Oribos, then Bastion -> Maldraxxus -> Ardenweald -> Revendreth.

I guess we have to rely on that they have increased their server capacity enough to handle the strain.


Remember - half of the people with you in that zone are going to be of opposite faction. Last I checked, faction tagging things for quests was still a thing… this is going to be a xxxx show!


I believe that is going to be an understatement given how small the actual questing/leveling parts of the zone are. From what I can tell, almost 40% (roughly) of that zone is reserved for level 60 quests.



Maybe that’s why so many of the early Bastion quests are non-combat.

I was listening to a friend last weekend as he did his first playthrough, and he said Bastion’s early quests almost put him to sleep. “Can you tidy this up? Can you run the forge? Can you talk to the aspirants? Can you find my book? Can you pick up mana?” etc.


He’ll change his tune when he gets to Maldraxus… you start fighting the instant you get there and never stop…

That would make launch totally unplayable. You cant put 2 million people in one zone at launch and not expect MAJOR LAG problems. There is no way they would do this. Well that is assuming they are not complete idiots which is not necessarily a good assumption.

There is no server on the planet that would survive that load at launch. Servers will either crash every 10 minutes OR more likely there will be a population cap so you will sit in a queue for hours at launch just waiting to get into the game. Not exactly user friendly now is it?

Isn’t that the whole point of sharding? So multiple physical servers can split the load? Can the game not handle all of it’s players being online at once atm?

Every expansion launch I’ve ever taken part in has been a sh*t show. They’ve had their “funnel” quests and they’ve had queues to get on.

This expansion will be a slight sh*t show, like every expansion before, and every expansion to come. If you aren’t super hardcore, I’d recommend just waiting a few days after release for a better experience.

Not in a tiny area it can’t. The game has proved time and time again it can’t even handle 100 people in a tiny area.

I actually seriously am wondering if they just aren’t trying to kill the entire game now, the same way they ‘didnt’ want people to play demon warlocks so they made them terrible’, didn’t want people flying so they made getting flying terrible, didn’t want people to do LFR so they made it terrible and useless, etc.

That’s exactly what sharding tries to solve.

Why would they try to kill the game? Do you think they want to lose 15-20$ per sub and your 40$ on expansion release and your 25$ per store pet/mount you buy? Demo warlock has seen play in dungeons and infrequently in raids, it currently holds the 7th place position on average performance according to warcraft logs for mythic ny’alotha but both other warlock specs are above it. It’s not a bad spec, it’s just overshadowed. You could say the exact same thing about any other class that has a consistently worse spec this expansion. (cough sub rogue after uldir cough) Yeah pathfinder is pretty awful, it seems like they’re making an effort to make it more alt friendly in the future once the expansion passes and if you’re playing while the expansion is current pathfinder is already pretty much passive. LFR was worthless from the day they took tier out of it. There are two reasons I can think of to why it still exists. Firstly, is to allow a very approachable version of raiding to expose people to that content even though it functions nothing like an actual raid since communication is not needed, there are one or no mechanics that you need to follow per boss and you don’t care about anyone else in the group. Secondly, they’re afraid of the backlash removing it would bring.

I guess you don’t remember them talking about demo locks in legion. Not going to bother with the rest of your comments because they have admitted they ruin content they want to remove.

And sharding still doesn’t take care of large numbers of people in tiny areas. I can’t believe you could have played this game throughout this expansion outside of instances if you aren’t aware of that.

I don’t remember them talking about demo warlocks in legion other than that they didn’t like how the played and they didn’t like them being so overpowered in EN. I never remember them saying that they ruin content they want to remove. If you could link that to me it’d be helpful.

You would think that if they said that, they would just idk, remove it in the next expansion instead of putting dev and testing time into it?

Tbh 99% of the content I do in this game outside of instances was AP farming. I spent most of this expansion in dungeons/raids and a couple hundred islands. The only times I’ve ever had issues with world lag because of the number of people happened a few times in Boralus after weekly reset and competing for pvp caches in Nazjatar. I’ve also managed to dodge most of the bottle necks during the launch of previous expansions by getting lucky or just having people on low pop servers invite me. So I experience the sh*t show for all of 15 minutes and then continue right past everyone.

They have never had their “funnel” quests involve BOTH FACTIONS.


Huh yeah, you’re right. Any of the expansions that did, had multiple choices for starting zones. (cata/legion)

You mean the zone about self-reflection makes you do menial tasks designed to make you self-reflect?

Wow that’s crazy.

I have no idea why you are arguing with me and then say this.

The comment about warlocks was made in a Q and A with Lore and Ion, someone wanted something fixed and Ion answered with ‘we don’t want you playing demo warlocks’. The comment about the other content was I believe in Preachs more recent discussion with Ion. And no I am not going to hunt for either for you.

Classic Launch went pretty well. Had a few latency problems but nothing terrible. It should be ok but fair warning to anyone that runs warmode, the platform before you teleport to Bolvar is open season world PVP and its a narrow funnel across a bridge. I would be very surprised if a guild or 2 didnt camp that bridge and kill everything red trying to come across. IMO that will be the biggest bottle neck unless they make that area neutral

I say that because our “argument” was about server stability during launch not being solved by sharding. I haven’t experienced a ton of issues either in game atm and none at all during previous expansion releases. My caveat to that was that I don’t generally spend a lot of time sitting in the mass of players. I don’t doubt that these issues exist, only that it has ever effected me in a meaningful way.

I asked you to link them because they sounded too outlandish to actually be real. I figured you were exaggerating a statement or had gotten something twisted through a game of telephone. I did find the comment about warlocks in the 6.2 dev QA, they said that “they nerfed demo so people wouldn’t play it because it was too complicated and forced too many people out of the other specs.” So that was my bad, you were right on the money there. I believe that the lfr comment you’re talking about is one where he said that “he feels that the lfr/lfg systems have contributed to an erosion of the social aspects of the game.” That doesn’t sound like he’s ruined it because he dislikes it, it seems like it’s been in the exact same state the whole time, it’s just a bad state. I couldn’t find any information on the pathfinder/flying point outside of some forum posts and an article on medium calling for Ion to be fired because of his systems that have artificially increased /timeplayed.

The flying was never used in a blizzard example but you can see what they are doing - we had to even ‘earn’ our flight paths in BfA and there is another mechanism for earning travel in Shadowlands. Pathfinder itself has gotten progressively more terrible to do as well. And then when you earn it you get those flying things in Mechagon and that flying worm so you can’t even enjoy it really.

Ion said something else in that discussion with Preach as well but I can’t remember his exact words or even close to them - there was a discussion on the forum though and other people got the same impression I did about what they are doing with LFR.

LFR started out being worthwhile to do in MoP. Then they made it easier to do in WoD but took out the tier. Then we had legion and it was harder again and continued down the path of being less worthwhile doing. BfA has hit a new low in that they can’t even be bothered tuning it correctly and you get better gear spending 20 minutes doing world quests. If they cared about participation they would make it so groups don’t ever end up not being able to kill bosses with 10 stacks of determination. People shouldn’t be saying that last boss is harder in LFR than mythic.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand they do an awful lot of things that don’t make any sense and I really find it hard to believe they are just so incompetent.

So many… In this case that equates to something like 6 of the 1st 10 quests of the zone. Yea - so many (rolls eyes). Even then, some of those cleaning quests require “clicking” on things that are:

A) not multi-taggable
B) not multi-faction-taggable

AFTER everyone waits their 60+ minutes of que-time to log on because of the new shiny ‘connected’ realms, it’s going to be a sh** show.

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