Are Warriors too squishy in RBGs?

I’m curious how people are finding warriors in RBGs - I am having a lot of issues staying alive on maps like Gilneas when the strategies typically call for big 8v8/9v9 battles.

I know my gear isn’t the greatest yet and maybe that’s the reason, but last RBG I played with my guild, I had 2x as many deaths as anyone else… I would show up to Waterworks and just get deleted if Enraged Regen was off cooldown. Otherwise, I’d live for as long as it lasted and not 1-2 seconds more.

How are other warriors dealing with enemy teams switching to them?

battle trance, impending victory, kiting, ignore pain, and defensive target calling counter gos.

warriors are extremely squishy in pvp. especially with chaos bolts so strong right now. you need to play like a rogue.


Which is funny because Rogue is unironically more durable.


lol, ikr its depressing, if my healer finds out rogues are practically everything better, im done for

Let me guess, you’re arms?

I’ve been saying for year that’s arms lack of baseline sustain is questionable.

It certainly is howver fury sustain is no where close to how it used to be…

I think we are at a time where Impending victory should badeline…i mean with how much of a difference it makes it should be.

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