Are Warlocks Succubus being removed?

100% they’re going to get a major revamp or completely taken out.


I have two warlocks so its sad news. In a perfect world I think warlocks should be able to tame their own demons sort of like hunters can tame their own pets. Demonology warlocks get to tame stronger demons, sort of like beast master hunters can tame stronger pets. I think that would be awesome to just see a demon in the open world and be able to tame it and keep it


this is beyond hilarious to watch go down, this game is literally entirely about war and killing and they are trying to remove stuff like this from the game? clown world


Not being removed but they will be covered with a full burka in the next patch.


They don’t really do THAT, in this game.

No but they should add an Incubus model like they promised us ten years ago :triumph::triumph::triumph:

At most I do think the succubus can use an outfit change since her current outfit is based on 90s Madonna with the Cone Bra

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Well, if they really want to remove everything sexual from the game. They need to close down the game. Even if they do remove the succubus, players will still have a chance to be sexual with each other in whispers.

It’s best to just close down the game, that way no one can be tempted by anything sexual. :roll_eyes:


Can we not replace it but instead have an incubus option?

I want to my minion to play crappy 90s music after i melt faces


Races in wow don’t reproduce sexually. All babies are delivered via Storks.


I thought Gnomes were planted?!

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I hate when video games get too soft. They remove all the adult humor and replace it family friendly Disney’esque content. It’s an insult to human intelligence. Even kids can handle that stuff in small doses. Often times these changes extend to the storytelling and general ambiance, making a game completely stale.


They will save it for the next time they need to distract from a public fiasco.


This x 100 :smiley: They want to show equality, right??


ironic you mention Disney, cuz activision just hired a new HR boss whos is a former Disney Exec:


Yeah but it looks like she will be working on office relations more than game development.

So in about a week?


The more people that compare war in the game and sexist/racist content in the game, the more I realize the sexist/racist content definitely need to be removed because folks clearly don’t understand the issue on any level.

And yes that includes the Succubus. I originally thought adding an Incubus would make it all right but, in light of all the posts making it clear folks don’t understand why these things are problematic, regardless of the setting, I say removal is the best option.

Just stop. There’s nothing wrong with having sexual content in a video game.


Ok then I think we need to change all the food items in WoW to be healthier.
I’m a diabetic irl and cant eat the a lot of the types of foods presented in wow so they need to be changed or removed.

See the problem here?


No, there isn’t.

The problem isn’t that the content is sexual is nature, the problem is that the content is sexist in nature.

And this what so many folks don’t get and so make these sort of changes necessary.

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