Are Tier bonuses inactive?

Asking, because Raidbots is showing them greyed out when doing top gear. Just wondering if they become inactive after reset tomorrow or something?

Its just weird that they are active on my character page, yet they are greyed out on RB’s.


Well season 1 tier didn’t shut off in season 2

Be pretty weird if they did just deactivate

Thats what i thought. Maybe RB is just messed up.

S2 tier bonuses are changing tomorrow, so maybe the SimC devs are in the middle of changing the code.

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Do you have a link to them changing? I know we’re getting S3 tier beginning this coming week, but wasn’t aware that Blizzard was going to change S2

I do see that demonology has a change in their Abberus 2-piece set. The rest of the data is pointing to Amirdrassil sets. Unless I’m missing something there.