Are there others like Azshara?

I recently read that Azshara, before becoming a naga, had power that rivaled Sargares. Sargares is (was?) a titan, so that’s very high praise. I’m not sure if she’s more or less powerful now, but what was the source of her power to begin with? I would hope there’s a good explanation, because saying, “she was just born that way” is obviously boring and a missed opportunity. Perhaps I missed something in the lore? I would like to think maybe she’s an avatar of some kind; a living personification of Elune or something.

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In terms of being as powerful? Because I’m pretty sure that Sylvanas must have surpassed the titans now


I doubt it, but it’s possible. Actually, come to think if it, why did she need N’zoth’s help? She’s as powerful as a Titan, and if I understand my lore correctly, Titans are stronger than the Old Gods. Probably not as strong as the Void Lords, but strong enough to kill the extension of the Void Lords’ will. It seems like N’zoth wouldn’t be able to offer her anything.

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Her power rivaled that of Archimonde and Kil’jaeden, but not Sargeras. The titans exist on a whole different scale well above any individual mortal (or mortal-turned-demon), and the fel-corrupted Sargeras was more powerful than even the rest of the titans combined. Case in point, Azshara struggled to hold the seas at bay as they crashed down onto Zin’Azshari during the Sundering, while titans have the power to effortlessly cleave entire worlds in half and physically rip Old Gods from the surface of planets.

Insofar as her origin, Azshara comes across as some sort of anomaly; we don’t really have any backstory to her from before she became queen, so it’s unknown if she was just born with an incredibly innate grasp of arcane magic, or if it was something she attained over a long period of time (time being something she’d have plenty of, being a night elf and all.)

It may be that she was randomly just that powerful, the result of some unique circumstance altering her, or perhaps she was effectively some form of “omega-level mutant” who spontaneously emerged thanks to the arcane-charged evolution of the kaldorei.


Medivh or Aegwynn potentially. Also if anyone is a personification of Elune, it’d likely be someone like Tyrande - Azshara is a whole different animal.


Well that certainly makes more sense. I couldn’t fathom the story as it was with someone as powerful as a titan running around. I’m kind of hoping they do something like Azshara with the other classes too. I would like to see what a Shaman on Azshara’s level could do.

It could be argued that between his possession of the Doomhammer, his empowerment by the Aspects, and his use of the Dragon Soul, there was a very brief period where Thrall was that. However, given that both the Aspects, the Doomhammer, and himself have all been stripped of said power, he’s not exactly the Shaman he was before.


Yeah, but he didn’t have it naturally like Azshara, presumably, does.

Azshara was to be said to be the Consort of Sargeras and Kil’jeaden and Archimonde feared her.
That was the Lore I grew up with.

But I lost track of all the retcons so, no idea if that is still the case.
After the War of the Ancients and her defeat she struck a bargin with N’zoth that transformed her and her Highborne into Nagas.

Unfortunately Azsharas power was not very well shown in BFA but she deffinately should have been on Argus powerlvl during that time. Not necessarily Sargeras though.

it’s no longer lore due to WotA changing the end but pre retcon I’d say Malfurion. In the original version he went toe to toe with Azshara.

No, no, no. When Sergeras met Queen Azshara he was impressed by how powerful she was for a mortal(immortal but she can die). He noted that her power was equal to Kil’jaeden’s AFTER he took the fel fire. He warned the Legion, especially Mannoroth who hated her, to leave her alone at their own peril lest she send them all screaming back to the nether. Before becoming a naga, Azshara was as powerful as the Commander of the Burning Legion(Sargeras being the General). After? Jaina can’t even do magic around her unless she allows it. That should tell you something.

I would probably go so far as to say that Aegwynn was likely far stronger than Azshara. Azshara is probably more capable than any faction character, but Aegwynn is very possibly an order of magnitude or two stronger than our A tier mages like Jaina or Thalyssra.

Aegwynn’s power is often portrayed as so ridiculous that she could probably take anyone on Azeroth without much effort.