Are there any problems caused by outlevelling an expansion?

Besides being locked out of groupfinder for that expansion? Also, at what level are the dungeons for each expansion able to be soloed? Same for raids? And are there any dungeons/raids with mechanics that prevents them from being soloed?

I don’t know of any problems, exactly. If I understand correctly, the amount of XP you get drops significantly once you get past the level cap for the expansion. I always move on once I hit the level cap, so I haven’t experienced that myself. You could lock XP once you hit that expansions max level if you want to avoid any potential issues.

In general, I find that I can solo 5 mans from 1 expansion back and raids from 2 expansions back once I hit the level cap for the expansion. So at level 80 I would expect to be able to at least solo the 5-mans from vanilla, but I’d wait until 90 to try the vanilla raids. But depending on your gear you maybe able to push that a bit. At this point, I’m able to solo BfA 5 man dungeons in normal mode, but the one heroic I tried didn’t go well. I can do the 5 man dungeons from Legion in all modes without a problem.

As for mechanics making things difficult to solo, I can’t think of any at this point. Hellfire Citadel until recently was very difficult for most folks to solo due to the mechanics of the first fight, but that has been corrected. For a long time that was the only one I had not done, but I finally ran it last month.

Thanks for the answer :slight_smile:
Another quick question. Say I outlevelled an expansion before starting it, would I still be able to complete quests like “War on Two Fronts”?

I would assume so, yes. But you don’t really need that quest anyway - if it disappears you can just use your adventurer’s guide (press shift-J) to get advice on where to go next.

Its completely possible for you to complete all quests/stories in prev xpacs once you have out-leveled them, including dungeon and raid quests. And while its uncommon for people to do this, some (usually after hitting max level) go back and finish quests and stories.

Depending on your class, but usually after you are 11+ levels higher than an xpac you can solo its dungeons and generally its like 20+ levels for the raids. For example, if you are level 71 you could solo the classic dungeons (which go up to level 60).

At level 120 everyone can 1-shot any dungeon bosses from Draenor (max level 100) or below and Dreanor Raid bosses usually drop with a few taps. Legion (max level 110) dungeons and raids are also possible.

To do an old or raid without the use of LFG you have to find its regular world entrance and walk in the door, solo or in a party.

Most dungeons can be solo’d within about 11 levels. Some less, depending on your gear & skill. At this stage, I could probably solo a good number of BfA normal mode dungeons. I know I can duo them. I can’t think of any dungeon mechanics that require 2 people unless you’re going for achievements related to a few bosses. There are a few of those that you can’t do without two or more people.

There is only one raid boss I can think of that really needs at least 2 people (although I think I might be able to solo as a hunter), and that’s Spine of Deathwing in Dragon Soul. Because of his mechanics, you need 2 people or he’s just going to throw you off his back if you aren’t super careful.

So, the main issue you’ll tend to run into when you overlevel a zone is when one-shotting stuff creates issues. Most of the time, you can get around this by using the “Soft Foam Sword” toy. (You can get it from the toy vendor in Stormwind/Orgrimmar.) In my experience, Blizzard has been pretty good about tracking down the outliers that the sword doesn’t work on. On my last pass, I found a lot fewer quests where I had to start whipping out alternative things like the Whole Body Shrinka or the old Naked+Rez Sickness tricks. As the main time the Soft Foam Sword doesn’t work is when the objective is elite, you have to be far more “overleveled” for it to be a problem in the first place. Most of the time you can weaponless punch that stuff.

The other issue is phasing issues. Once you hit 110, the BfA intro causes a whole mess of phasing issues in Stormwind and Orgrimmar until you’ve completed the BfA intro. At 98, the Legion intro can also cause some issues, although it’s not quite as invasive. If you want to try and do stuff in order, you’ll want to have completed any of the Cata zone intros and the Pandaria intro before you hit 98, and the Warlords of Draenor and Legion intro before you hit 110.

Neither of these will actually keep you from completing quests, they just make it more obnoxious.

As for soloing old content, as you get a fair bit above the level of an area, you’ll start to get an overlevel bonus (which means extra damage as well as damage reduction) to to help you solo that old content. As a general rule of thumb, I figure out how many dps would be in that content at the appropriate level (so 3 for dungeons, ~5 for 10 man raids, ~17 for 25 mans, ~14 for 20) and see if the bonus is high enough to put out the damage of that many characters as a place to start.

It can get a bit more complicated than that. With the damage reduction overlevel buff, you can often survive enrages which enrage limited fights can often be done earlier, especially if a character has good self healing. On the other hand, you will get occasional fights were soloing them means killing it before a certain mechanic cam happen, which will require extra damage. An example of this would be the Kalegos fight in Sunwell Plataue. If you can’t kill the demon in the first portal phase, the fight resets. Also, there are some fights where more damage can mean ignoring obnoxious (but not impossible) mechanics.

Here are the basic damage bonuses I’ve observed, which can give you an idea of how hard something will be to solo at a given level. They appear to go up linearly within an expansion, so I’ve just listed the numbers for expansion endcaps.

For Vanilla content:
69 — 1.5x bonus
70 — 2.0x
80 — 15x
85 — 35x
90 — 38x
100 — 50x
110 — 200x
120 — *80x

*Yes, it actually drops between 110 and 120, but as gear scales steeply at this point you won’t feel much different between 110 and 120, and at 120 as you gear up they will continue getting easier.)

Burning Crusade heroic dungeons and raids
79 — 1.5x
80 — 2.0x
85 — 23x
90 — 30x
100 — 100x
110 — 400x
120 — 100x

Burning Crusade (questing and normal dungeons) and Wrath of the Lich King
85 — 2.0x
90 — 5.0x
100 — 80x
110 — 350x
120 — 100x

Cataclysm heroic dungeons and raids
90 — 2x
100 — 45x
110 — 300x
120 — 130x

Cataclysm (questing and normal dungeons) and Mists of Pandaria
99 — 4.5x
100 — 8.0x
110 — 90x
120 — 40x

Warlords of Draenor
109 — 15.5x
110 — 30x
120 — 30x