Are the rumors' about the class tree designer true

Apparently according to some big streamers the Class designer for Priest/Druid left/took vacation and someone else has to currently change and balance the trees which is why both trees are the only ones to be completely untouched with no feedback at all

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I can’t speak for the Priest tree, but compared to the Warrior and Warlock trees, Feral and Guardian are underwhelming af


I mean at least this would make sense why they are both complete trash.


Thee should explain that to the players instead of being completely inept and making the players angry.


Well hopefully when they come back from vacation in september they make some changes, and hopefully theyve been doing some perusing of what players are saying and taking little mental notes here and there on what they think are good ideas.

I really wanna see some of these changes to the Resto Druid tree;

  • Ysera’s Gift reduced from three talent points to two.

  • Adaptive Swarm to be cosmetically changed to be like Insect Swarm, name change, icon changed, cloud animation changed, but mechanically the same as Adaptive Swarm with the exception of shadow dmg changed to nature.

  • Force of Nature (resto version) added as a talent to the tree. (The treants casting Healing Touch).

  • Living Seed
    10% of your overhealing received or done plants a Living Seed on the target for up to 10% of the caster’s health. The Living Seed will bloom when the target is next attacked. Lasts 15 sec.

(This is a merger and blending of the old Wrath of the Lich King talent and the Nightfae conduit Empowered Chrysalis. It addresses some of the issues resto druids have with over healing. Often times when a Druid has a hot on a target the health bar will get topped off by another healer, resulting in the hot over healing as its ticking on a fully healed target. Since Dragonflight is going back to a more classic state of mind and wrath classic also coming out soon, it would be nice to see some of these older talents and abilities people liked being given a new purpose or a breath of new life.)


Its vacation. They’ve done ZERO work.


Sometimes when i’m on vacation i’ll peer into my work life during some downtime out of curiousity, nothing too serious.

But even vacations can get boring at times, especially before bed and not much is going on.

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Honestly if this were true: Good for them. Vacations are important and PTO is sacred. It’s up to the company to reduce bus factor, not the employees.

It’s been a hard few years for everyone, and it’s summer in the US. Let them go live life a little.

I love druid as much as the next person on here, but the chicken-littling has gotta stop. It’s not constructive.


Yeah, that doesn’t sound like the corporate America I know.

If this was a European company, I would believe this.


its what I heard from some steamers I could be right/wrong. Since all other class trees have gotten some forum of revision or have their main dev actively working/talking with the community on what they like/dislike. The person for the rogue class tree has been in the wow rogue discord 24/7 and has taken and given feedback and his stances on the stuff its very impressive, likewise the hunter/shaman class tree has been giving weekly changes and constant feedback to the community with the newest warrior tree getting revamped after 1 week. Only Druid/Priest and paladin tree are bad

From the screenshot in the Druid discord it looks like they no longer work on Druid talents or wow, but there were only a few tweets in the screenshot. Also they were proud of convoke so maybe it’s time for a new dev anyways.


Yeah, now that is a story that seems more plausible. The neglected trees could be the result of employee turnover.

Don’t get me wrong, balancing the class tree with four specs in it must be pretty challenging. On the other hand, we pay enough to expect our trees to work, be fun, and be balanced. We pay enough to get dev feedback.

If a SaaS provider I hire at work to do a project for me goes weeks without any update, he or she is not going to get a second contract, and may get fored from the first.


Haha you get it??? Balance Druids!

Honestly wouldn’t surprise me, would help explain why we’ve gotten virtually nothing while we’re still sitting on the worst tree to come out of the previews so far.

Druid is still looking very much like “BFA/SL Blizzard” to me though regardless, where they say they want to do better with listening to the players and then pull stuff like this, while if every class was getting the same attention that the Hunters are getting then I could actually believe a little bit that maybe they are changing a bit.

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Who has time to fix druid in new content when you need to focus all of your energy onbmaking soulbinds and conduits for a class that will never need to use them?

I am unsubbing.

Will resub if/when we get some love.

You know the Evoker dev and druid dev were never gonna be the same person right


If that’s true, this is the most hilarious thing I heard about druid so far. Because quit is probably the best decision they have made. And if I had such a team, I should look for a replacement long time ago, there is no excuse that the neglect of druid is because the design team left and they have no one to take over their “job”. I just won’t call losing 0 a lost.


Wait thats so true lol

Right but this is my product I pay monthly for. I don’t care at all whatsoever about the workers, I care about my product I pay for. If they aren’t up to snuff they should be removed from the team.


Yea because the america you “know” comes from leftist news sources and not real life experience that totally contradict that. Let’s leave the country bashing to the authoritarians from your favorite news sources.