Are the Oceanic queue times (particularly Arugal) resolved?

4pm here, wondering if I should remote turn my PC on and log in for me to start playing in an hour and a half?

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i attempted to log in at around 3:50 and the server status was at high, im sure when everyone gets home from work it’ll be full with about a 2-3k queue like last night.

arugal is still around 4-8k, yojamba doesnt have a que anymore or maybe 1k max at like 6-7pm

there have been no queues on Arugal when I get home at 3.30 - 4.30… I keep hearing about 4 - 5k queues aroud 6 - 7 pm…

I just logged on with 2500 queue 30 min waiting time, I did start leveling on Yojamba, however I am concerned that when the player base dies down, Yojamba will become dead… idk it really shouldn’t, but the concern is there.

~3k queue when I got home at 6pm AEST, went out for dinner and ~3k queue at 9pm


You’re not the same Frostiboi trading mats for bags in the Barrens on Remulos are you?

Queue on Arugal starts from 15:30 onwards basically, going to be fun if there’s still a queue come raiding.

Hopefully some transfers off soon.

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I wake up at 4am EST to play and there is always a 90min queue. This will be problematic for when I’m 60 and have to raid because our raid times start at 4am EST (5pm AEST) Blizzard please do something about this queue.

Not me, mate

Yes you should remote in. I had a 4k queue last night at 6pm

At 1815 hrs (AEST) queue is 1,800 and an 85 minute wait . . . . . . . . .

First time I’ve logged in at this time and it looks like this has been a problem since the realm opened! Hope it gets fixed shortly !!

They removed layers today, good luck.

was 2045 tonight to log in, its now 2215 and que says 6 mins - 150 in que. Might just server transfer after all. I just hope Felstriker isn’t dead like people keep saying.

Doesn’t look like much has changed - 120 min wait and the queue is 1800 long

Been waiting for hours - this is crap

Arugal full right now- 68 min with 1013 in queue.


12/4/2020, 8pm NZ time, over 3,000 in queue = 5 hour wait, bizarre

3000+ queue and 5 hours wait if you are not already on by 5pm. 6pm (the time I can get close to logging in) is a 5+ hour queue - so basically midnight before a single PVP match!!! Then bed! Free faction swaps Blizzard.

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currently 315 mins and rising.

lol. imagine being Bliz and thinking “this is fine”

This is crap, haven’t played in last week cause of queue times.

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