Are the Community Managers here to stay?

it feels like the main point just got avoided there…

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Is there anyone left whose job is regular engagement?

or proven, lol. i didn’t mean it as a dig on the forum blues though. they do a job and i’m sure there’s some topics they simply aren’t allowed to discuss.

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The answer is to share more pet pictures.

they should be glad i cannot post pics. i have a collection of floofs, meows, and other various things in a folder designated “Adorabru” that i like to drop in various forums and discords when i’m bored…

OMG! The kobolds took Neth’s candle avatar! :candle:

Stoopid kobolds! Give it back or we’ll come and take it back along with all your other candles!

/moo :cow:

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When is master looter coming back?

I know. They stole candle and now I’m sad. :cry:

The benefit of the change we’re going through though is that the community will be able to engage on our news articles and each other better. It also means that if we (those of us working on those articles) engage or answer a question, it will be seen versus buried in the comments. I’m sure those who used to comment on the front page articles can attest to the difficulty in following conversations there.


Can you give comments on account bound essences? Is it something in consideration? Or any kind of method to make essences alt friendly?

Never too many floofs, meows, or other various animals!

I can post but I think that would distract from the current topic.

I for one, would rather have actual developers come in the forums and discuss items and design features that are broken or unfun. CS reps are just feeding what they have been told in my experience. Hearing it from someone official is more valuable too me.


We’re not CS reps, and we work directly with the developers to provide answers. We won’t always have the answers to share (or that you want to hear) for myriad reasons. If we’re giving a specific answer, it’s because we’ve spoken with them to get those answers to share. We aren’t input/output robots, though. What you see from us is the tip of the iceberg of what we do. :cold_face:

Keep in mind, our CS reps are incredible people and do a lot of hard work behind the scenes with a lot of 1 on 1 interactions that I know many appreciate.


Can you like pop into the pvp forums more than once a year?


Here, you take new candle.


Oh Em Gee! Tacklehugs the candle! Darn glad to see ya!


What is this a joke? There has been not even close to enough communication at all. All of a sudden we get like 10 posts in 24 hours and people are praising them? Have a look at the pvp forums you’ll see locked topics and ignored threads and blue replies for extended periods. When game breaking things happened it took literally 48 hours for any sort of communication at all. Nobody has checked in for so long it was assumed they all quit. I know there’s a process that needs to be followed but holy hell learn how to speak and give updates when it actually matters. For crying out loud do NOT give these people a pat on the back they are literally the worst I’ve seen from any company hands down. This used to be a place to find answers now it’s just a whine fest and assumingly so why the blues all but disappear every so often. The game is in serious serious need of feedback to be accepted and help to be delivered by to the correct people and or areas that need help. I’m sorry it needs to be said but I truly feel like anyone posting stuff like this praising blues is on a different planet or doesn’t play the same game or something just wow.


CM’s are that exotic species you find so when some see them responding they go, ‘‘oooooooooo’’ lol.

It’s a major patch coming up, people do realize that it’s just them dropping in to diddle daddle around before they disappear into blue air (get it… blue… a… ) :sweat_smile:

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You’ve been around for a VERY long time, Nethaera.

I do miss seeing your candle after being used to it for so many years.

Always good to see you around these parts.


I am (pleasantly) surprised to see Nethaera posting. I think she is one of… if not the oldest CM that still works here directly. There have been so many that have come and gone since then, and I don’t know hardly any of the new ones by name… or avatar.

Part of a CM’s job is communicating with developers to answer questions like these.

Posting questions in a thread like this to try and get heard over other threads is kind of in poor taste, but the question is 100% valid and directing it to CMs is the correct thing to do, as they are able to answer the question if developers can provide the answer.