Are the Beta Classic Realms up atm?

Got access to classic beta yesterday with it showing 3 realms to choose from, There was Classic Alpha, Classic PVE , and Classic PVP but for some reason I keep getting this code showing now today when I try to log in for the beta realms. [ No realms are currently available. (WOW51900309) ] anyone else having this issue or is it just me ??? or is this a bug related to the stress test in some way ???

Hey man sorry to be the one to tell you but you didn’t get beta.

Everyone who got the stress test invites was I guess jebaited by Blizzard yesterday.

What allowed you to see the realms was a bug not beta access


I got the stress test beta and I only had one choice in servers. From what the OP is saying they do have the full beta invite.

There was a bug yesterday during maintenance that showed the realms offline for everyone, baiting a lot of people into thinking they had beta.


There was a bug yesterday that allowed people from stress test to see 3 offline beta servers. It was just a bug (confirmed by Blizzard) and does not signify beta access. Everyone who had the bug now sees what OP said, “No realms currently available.”


Ok so it was a bug then, That blows but go figure my luck as usual. Thought it was weird that it was showing a “Classic Alpha” realm along with the two other “Classic PVE & PVP” realms. Is anyone else getting that same code showing when they try to log into it ??? No realms are currently available. (WOW51900309)

On my account when I go to change over to the ptr, or the demo (yup I did not delete that lol) or the trial account I have it also shows the stress test account.

But now it says classic stress test & beta. So is that the bug or do I have the beta now.

Yea showing for me too.

No its said beta and stress test from when since we could download the client

Mine shows on the launcher as “Beta & Stress Test: WoW Classic”

Just in case you guys are unaware I wouldn’t uninstall the client just yet as those of us who were invited to the stress test have all been invited back to partake in another stress test this upcoming Wednesday. This time the testing phase will be from 2pm-4pm PDT but the server will remain open until the next day,Thursday,4pm PDT.

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Okay I must have missed it then. Could have sworn it only said stress test realm before.

They are referring to the actual realmlist when you sign, everyone that is in beta or that was in the stress test have the “Beta & Stress Test: WoW Classic” option in their launcher.

It is 2-4 PDT and ends 4PM PDT on Thursday per the blue pinned post.

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I see. Man I really want to play beta!!! :confused:


Thank you! I’ll update my post.

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Thanks for the correction.