Are people ok with Druids being the only RBG tank?

You have to play the hand you’re dealt, fine. But from a design stand-point I assume people think this is crap?

I like to go directly at the problem. Don’t allow tanks to queue. It seems like an easy fix IF the reason Druids have been dominant this long is because they can’t balance the tanks. (Someone made this comment recently).

That said, it seems relatively easy to juice up the underperforming tanks in RBGs - Monks, Warriors, and Paladins - by just giving them some passive healing options. No?


No, they aren’t. Blizzard is.

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RBG tanks have always been kind of dominated by one class/spec. At least for a whiyle now. Druids, DHs, spam speed Rogues. People aren’t ok with it. It actually makes forming groups harder because not having a Druid tank FC there is a noticeable difference. But I would also say the Sleeper Leggo has played a huge part in this, and for some reason it hasn’t been touched in PvP the whole expansion.


Dont allow tanks? Then why allow Healers? People should be able to play all specs and pvp with them.

Druids maybe currently the best, doesn’t mean there aren’t other options.

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Sleeper leggo plays a big role in guardian Druid dominance, but so does stealth. It’s OP that the tank can guard a base in stealth or sprint in stealth to the enemy flag.

For the other tanks to be able to compete they need to be way more mobile and/or be able to tank damage with dampening stacks in a way that guardian can’t.

I mean there are other options. The problem is there is a big difference between Druids and everything else. Quite honestly tanks need a re-design for PvP. They are purely built for PvE content. They are build for tanking PvE bosses.


Yeah the difference is we only need 1 tank, and we need 3 healers, and even Holy, as dominant as it was in Arena, wasn’t that OP in RBGs. It’s not even in the same ballpark.

Which is why they should remove them. No DPS class would be nearly as dominant as a carrier as any tank. It would make for more interesting game play.

Ya I don’t think this is the right option either. It’s actually a terrible option. You can’t just remove a spec from the game because of Blizzards lack of attention to it in PvP. Things we close out a little more in DF when sleeper is gone though. We be interesting to see also with trees if other tanks can find ways to make the gap closer.

How does this achieve anything other than screwing people trying to set up RBGs? The status quo punishes players. The biggest fail of RBG is the interface. After that, it’s the mandatory comp structure - primarily Druid tanks.

Combine this with tanks being scarce in the game in general, and any number of tank-classes preferring to play DPS. Who are we really punishing here other than ourselves.

The only issue i have with druids, and have had with druids for the longest time is that

  • Either Shape shifting should not remove slows, roots, and snares unless they are a feral.
  • Shape shift into bear, cat, aquatic, flight,boomkin(If not balance), Tree(if not resto) or travel form, should cost 1/3rd of your mana if you are not feral.

So your answer is just “sorry tank players, you can’t PvP” ? Sounds like a good way to have even less tank players in the game honestly. The answer if honestly Blizzard taking PvP games modes other than 3v3 a little more seriously when it comes to balancing. To me it’s not as hard as it seems because tanks are really only played in RBGs anyway. That is where they are most useful. So balance them for that. Holinka also brought up that they are looking at a 6v6 mode for RBGs. Which who knows how that would change things.

I think they should be able to shape shift out of stuff, but there definitely should be kind of negative affect for it like a mana cost or something.

back in the day, it used to cost druids a LOT of mana to shift if they were not feral


It’s super OP right now when not only do you have stealth and the shapeshifting spam, you have sleeper. Which is why it’s just so broken to be a guardian druid.


Sorry, but I don’t believe there’s a dearth of tank players who are subbed, and play a tank, just do they can RBG tank.

I keep seeing this idea. My general opinion on it is that it’s going to suck.

Easier to form groups, and way easier to balance around. This is map changes or new maps need to happen.

Which is going to take Blizz 75 years.

Eh maybe. I am not going to argue that. But I keep hearing they are adding to their PvP team. At the start of Slands they didn’t even have a PvP team. So maybe?

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Cut my monthly subscription in half for content that I am not allowed to do and it is a deal. Go ahead and make that proposal to Blizzard or Microsoft and let me know how that works out for you.

Also Druids have always excelled at being a FC since the introduction of WSG just like Rogue’s have excelled at stealing bases since the introduction of AB and Warrior and DK’s have excelled at shot calling since the introduction of group PvP. Not all classes are created equal some excel at things more than others.

Your angst should not be directed towards a certain class but more towards Blizzard’s short-sighted band-aid fixes over the years that over-corrected most classes but yet they don’t circle back around to address, ever.

Instead of the “Nerf X Class” threads (which usually has short-sided suggestions worse than Blizzard’s current actions) maybe look at PvP from the clouds and not through a telescope. How can Blizzard make a better PvP environment enjoyable by any player? Positive, thorough, achievable and detailed suggestions would be wonderful start.

TL;DR. Have a thought, express it in a productive manner.

God, you’re such a real man.