Are names still freeing up instantly after deleting characters on Monday @ 10:00AM PST?

Maybe a weird question, but one of my friends isn’t going to be around that morning and wants me to reserve a couple of his names for him. Now it clearly stated in the original post from Blizzard that:

  • If you change your mind about a character and have already created your three, you will need to choose a character to delete. Please note, the name associated with the character deleted will be immediately available again to be claimed.

In the same post it also said:

  • After WoW Classic is live, you’ll be able to create up to 10 characters on any given realm and can create a maximum of 50 characters across all WoW Classic realms. This character count does not impact the number of characters you can create on the current World of Warcraft realms.

Now we know this is happening before it actually goes “live” and my question is are you implementing the 30day name lock after character deletion at this time? I know it was never specified when if ever this feature would be implemented, however it would suck to try and get my friend a couple of his names only to delete the characters later and find out they are locked to my account for 30days.

I deleted and remade toons with the same name last night, so by my account the deleted toon’s name becomes available immediately.

You’d have to get someone else to try and take your names though. Basically on retail WoW if you delete a character the name is held on that server tied to your account for 30 days. This was specifically stated was not the case during the name reservation period for classic, however I am wondering if that is being changed when they increase the character creation cap from 3 Total, to 50.

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The cap is being removed BEFORE launch, so you should be able to get all of your characters sorted by then.

I would think this would still apply as I’ve seen nothing posted otherwise to contradict it.

Last night I traded names with my friend. The names became available instantly.

I have also done this.

This does not happen when you delete a level 1. The name is instantly available to other players.

I have multiple accounts on different b-net tags and I’ve tested it personally.

I don’t know what level a character has to be before deleting it reserves the name, but it’s higher than level 1.

I’m really hoping this is the case. Would just be nice to get some clarification on when exactly if ever they will change it from deleted characters names being freed up instantly.

Think about it. If deleting a level 1 let you reserve a name for 30 days, you could reserve thousands of names by creating and deleting level 1s.


They told us they are immediately available, they have not said anything else so we can only go by what they have told us directly. Immediately available.

I recommend being in voice chat with him/her and have them full customize and have their name pre-entered and then you delete and they create for minimal chances of losing out

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If true, this is good information.

Thank you.

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Why do you think there will be a 30 day lock? They said its instant. It’s instant. How dumb would it be to change that post launch.