Are mechagnomes really that hated?

Until I race changed two days ago I never really got much crap for what I played, but I’ve had 8 people so far get toxic at me just for my race in the past 48 hours.
What is so wrong with them??


Hated? No. mocked due to their ridiculous body and lack of transmog customization? Yes.

We body shame them


they’re awesome though!!!


They were better off as a cosmetic option for normal gnomes tbh


Players: “Here’s a list of 756 extant races we’d love to have playable. Yes, all of us. We had a meeting.”

Blizz: “Here’s the cyborg version of your least favorite race, with a backstory set in a dystopian junkyard.”


this really is where all the hatred comes from

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The looting was nice, the rewards were mid tier at most…

Wierd, Ive been a mechagnome for years (mostly) and Ive never had anyone mention it


random people i dont say much crap to but friends who have 1 i troll and talk crap all the time when there on their mechagnome

When I transmorph my hunter to a mechagnome, I giggle every time she yells when I click bestial wrath. It really is the best.

No hate here. :wink:


I play on moon guard, so that may have something to do with it.


Ah. Yeah. I guess I could see that then. They are wierd like that on RP servers

I don’t hate Mechagnome players, at all, but I don’t really see myself playing one. I unlocked them on both of my accounts anyway though, if nothing more than for completionism.


They just want your arms n legs for themselves, alot of cybernetic jealous ppl out there


They’re based on a race that wasn’t very popular, to begin with (Data for Azeroth lists gnomes as the 15th most popular race and mechagnomes as the least popular overall), and because the main thing that makes mechagnomes unique is their cybernetics, people whine that they weren’t just a barber option unlock for normal gnomes in the vein of Darkfallen and man’ari. To the point of praying that Blizzard would change course and demote them to said unlock after it was decided that Lightforged and Mag’har qualified as their own races.

Also, they were added to the Alliance as the foil to vulpera after everyone spent months thinking that role would be fulfilled by sethrak, against the Horde helping the Devoted far more and there being very little to indicate that they’d leave Vol’dun to join the Alliance. I’m pretty sure 75% of the mechagnome hate is because they occupy a place on the character creation menu instead of another race, preferably the one most lionized (lol) by Alliance players since high elves.

As stated before, you probably just got flak from RP elitists. I have a mechagnome priest that I played in SL and the people I played with were pretty nice to me, though it helped that I was often the healer of the group.


Someone grab the gnome punting tee…

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That’s pretty weird. I have been on my Mechagnome a lot since BFA and never once had anyone say something to me.

I honestly can’t usually tell them from normal gnomes unless they’re wearing their heritage armor.

Normal gnome is better gnome, as they recognize my tall-one status.


I wouldn’t mind if it was a barbershop option vs. an entire race, but at the same time, mechagnomes have S-tier racials that I wouldn’t want to give up. Give regular gnomes the mechagnome racials, and I would be all for it.

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I unlocked mechagnomes (and everything else) recently, and I tried to make one, I really did. Those are some darn fine racials, there’s no denying that.

I couldn’t go through with it. It was just… so, so ugly. I mean, with a transmog like yours, it works, you’ve done an excellent job of hiding the worst of it and looking almost like a full robot. But without that… oooof.