Are Druids just not good in PvP anymore?

I’m NOT disagreeing with anything you said when I say this, but from my non-2700 PoV some classes & specs just straight hard counter others, i.e. DKs vs Casters, Frost Mages vs Warrior etc. This might have been toned down across all the expacs now with each class gaining gap closers, interrupts, whatever it may be that made them struggle before. But to me that type of class design and balance is absolutely warranted and should be in this game.

Now I don’t really know what it is exactly about DH currently that makes them be able to bend me over their knee and have their way but straight up I don’t know if an equally geared and skilled druid of any spec can beat a DH if both people play optimally. Are you beating 2400+ DHs regularly as balance?? If you are, please tell me how and what you need to do because I just can’t figure it out. I said above that I only play feral so it might not be fully applicable to my own play but hopefully it’s just regular druid things lol. Seriously tho. DH’s are satan right now. Help. SOS.


Of course there’s counters. Dks are anti caster and are a nightmare to fight for almost anyone. Hero classes are always like this.

In fact dh/dk was the most annoying comp to fight as a boomy (or any caster) from the sheer amount of passive spell DR and the amount of interupts; pseudo and direct.

Things can also be overtuned. I don’t know how dhs fall yet, I don’t have enough experience currently. But I’m not really here to prove boomy beats dh in every scenario. Here’s what’s what:

—Dh is a very good dueler.

—Boomy is an awful dueler usually.

—Dh has the benefit of having their main damage cd also grant them massive passive hps.

I’d say a dh will beat a boomy all else being equal most of the time if they all have all their buttons up

The guy said he just died essentially the first go through everything. This should not happen. I wouldn’t lose immediately even if Trill was the dh. There was also the talk of them needing nerfs and you definitely cannot make that claim so early on when we don’t all have max level and tier and all that. Plus, 1v1 encounters are not what the game needs or can be balanced around. This is all I was trying to say. Plus the boomy is fairly inexperienced and likely just made a mistake.

Feral doesn’t lose 1v1 to much. A good feral should be able to beat a dh for sure. Ideally you get the drop, full bleed, and kite his cds. Dhs HATE roots and feral has tons of instant roots and stuns. Dh can’t spam heal themselves. It’s a battle of attrition.