Are Druids just not good in PvP anymore?

Im decently geared and usually do judt fine in trades but every class destroys me in balance or in feral. Its like my abilities do very little damage. Is anyone else experiencing low dmg in pvp?

I haven’t been able to play much yet, only 62 and my only experience with pvp has been from people trying to gank me. With that said? I haven’t died yet.

First was two ferals jumped me, twice. Killed them both, both times. Then a the same two and an evoked tried at the same time and I literally 3v1’d them lol.

Obviously they must have been either terrible or in bad gear. I don’t really recall. But that’s my only experience so far :stuck_out_tongue:

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Balance isnt that good at the moment as in shadowlands, idk about feral but balance is low b tier atm prob good in battlegrounds but not really in small scale fights.

Lack of good talent tree and nerfs caught it. Comparing to other classes like shadow prest its just weak in all ways


Hrm… I don’t know about this. I’ll reserve judgement until I get more seat time but we seem fairly solid. Not like S tier or anything, we rarely are, but I don’t know if we’re pushing C. My initial take is likely low A to A. We’ll see though.

The nerfs we did receive were 100% justified. I kind of wish the surge AP cost was maybe 35 instead of 40 but whatever.

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Not sure, I’ve nuked a few people… but they might have been in bad gear. I was still 60 with all my SL epics, and one was a Dracthyr that clearly had nfi what they were doing.

Balance got smashed with the nerf bat, so they are nowhere near as strong as they were in SL.

Can’t speak for Feral as I haven’t played it in ages, but that was a lot stronger for PvP coming out of the last season.

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This is super not true. Balance wasn’t incredible in SL and the nerfs were 10000% justified as they were like tripling people’s dmg in DF.

Have you been playing feral for a long while or pretty new to the class? It looks like you’re posting on an alt so I can’t see. It feels good to me and is apparently pretty strong at max level - granted I have good gear.

It’s just not one of those classes you can charge in with and start bashing like with DH or warrior. Ideally you need to find a way to survive to get all your dots rolling (rake, rip, moonfire, thrash(thrash is less important but does buff your bite damage if talented for it)) to set up for a big feral frenzy with tiger’s fury and adaptive swarm modifiers. That’s where the biggest damage comes from. If you’re not playing any of those talents then yea, it can feel a little rough on single target.

you talking about

You talking about PVE right? because in pvp DH/Rogue can overkill you easy even in bear form with 20% damage reduction, i got one shoted in bear form froma DH , the hunt + eye beam + trinket, and my gear is not that bad i mean 36% versa means something. Ok maybe nerf o PvE was justified, but it hurt us badly in PvP, still playable in 3v3 but open world 1v1 there are specs waaaay stronger and doing overkill damage.

I don’t want to sound … like I’m going to sound by saying this but you have a much more casual approach to pvp as evident by what you said.

First off, vers doesn’t matter. For your 36% vers you gain 36% flat damage and only 18% Dr. Vers is just basic.

Also, you don’t have 20% Dr in bear form. Bear gives armor. Armor protects against physical damage. This is not counted for things like… the hunt. Or eyebeam. Or rogue poisons or bleeds.

I mean boomy has never been an exceptional dueler and dh is probably one of the best, but I was literally jumped by 2 ferals multiple times and killed them both every time. It’s likely a play issue. Or gear. Or both.

Many bar fights have started because of this.


Dang it :frowning: lol

If it is any consolation you weren’t wrong with beer or bear.

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Right now I can say that the nurfs were mostly justified. I believe they were a bit too much. look at the damage that a lock can still put out with minimum effort. DH just has to be in the same house as his computer and he can kill 2 or 3 people while being at 75% hp.

If balance is getting the heavy hand, i can make a list of other classes that need it.

30 AP SS would be nice, or a 10-20% buff to its damage. 14k SS without any modifiers is not fun at all when people have 300k health.

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yeah, you kinda sounded like that.

Common, i really need to mention it was barkskin? :confused:

As far as i know bleed is physical damage.
But that wasn’t the point, in addition to armor, you have more health. The point here is that I used every defensive measure and it wasn’t enough to hold off a DH burst combo.

What?? I won’t even argue about it, everyone knows that versa is the primary stat for all pvp content, 36% versa is a reasonable amount and helps a lot in pvp.

If you beat two ferals, congratulations, they probably played very badly and you play well. But if you tell me that DH isn’t absurdly stronger, you’re either fantastically good or you played against a guy who achieved the feat of not knowing how to play DH.

What I meant is, that sometimes PVE based nerfs turn out not to be right for PvP,
and it happens the other way around too, PVP nerfs negatively affect PVE, it always has been and probably always will be.

Nah, i may not be the best, but I can handle myself pretty well. However, this does not rule out the fact that there are classes that deserve to be nerfed as well and are much stronger.


Almost guaranteed a gear and/or experience issue if you are struggling on druid in pvp right now. I only play feral, but I am absolutely dumpstering people on even footing in bgs with the exception of DHs and equally geared DKs. A really really good spriest is also tough but that’s about it. Don’t give up on it yet if you’re feeling discouraged and think it’s the class. It’s not.

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Yeah, same for me.

As I prefaced. Thanks.

It’s a pretty common misconception just how much bear actually helps. So, yea. Ironically that same misconception can be outline below regarding bleeds.

Bleeds bypass armor.

Using every defensive “measure” doesn’t mean playing to your optimal defensive response. Druids (balance) have only one wall, and it’s the weakest wall in the game. They rely on kiting, cc, and inherent tankiness. I’m not surprised a 20% wall didn’t overcome someone probably amping their damage by over 20%. We also amp our damage more than 20% when we pop cds. This isn’t new to dragonflight and has nothing to do with our nerfs. You can not die to a dh in their go. It’s possible. Dhs are really, really good duelers and especially vs casters but that doesn’t mean you auto lose.

I’m aware of how vers helps in pvp. What you may have missed is why I said they. Let me rephrase. Take vers in a vacuum. It increases dmg by x and DR by 1/2 x. By its very nature, the offensive portion goes up more than its defensive portion. Sure it’s worth noting if most people have like zero vers or something but as you said, it’s a common staple. Having 30 or 36 or whatever is inconsequential.

And now you’re kind of agreeing with my first comment. This is likely what happened to you. I’m guessing you responded very poorly. It happens. I’ve still yet to die in DF and I’ve now dueled those 2 ferals twice, then plus that evoker the one time, a hunter, a monk like 3 times, and a rogue. Am I playing better than them? Statistically, almost certainly. Just like that dh likely played better than you.

The nerfs were to dmg. Very, very deservingly. This affects pvp of course however has nothing to do with how quickly you died. I fail to see the relevance.

Famous words for almost everyone. But objectively, I bet this isn’t the case. Boomy does require some fineness to live and respond properly. Dh by comparison is very simple. Always has been. The phrase, it’s his duel to lose applies here. Yet again, I’m not trying to be mean without purpose, but the fault CAN lie with you. It’s okay to admit that. Or we can go about it a different way. Give me a play by play of what happened. I’ll see if there’s any glaring issues.

I mean classes don’t need nerfed just because someone won in a duel.

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Nobody said that, you’re rambling on unmentioned points that go off topic in order to carry on the conversation.

Despite finding your words self-centered and maybe even arrogant where you place yourself better than others in an arbitrary way, i respect your point of view, however, like many others here, I stand by what I said, pointless to discuss this further as we have very conflicting opinions and will not be convinced no matter what is said. have a great day and no hard feelings ;).

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You said there are classes that need nerfed, within your conversation about dhs, after also agreeing with someone else that dhs give you problems, regarding your duel point about dhs.

How is that off topic.

It’s not arbitrary, I’m 2700+ mglad boomy. I am better than most people. Not everyone obviously but, hence why I said statistically, I typically do play better than most people I encounter. Call it self centered or egotistical or whatever but it doesn’t make it false. It’s also relevant. Most people who complain about something broken or op typically don’t play properly. This has sparked many conversations about who and what caliber of player should the game be balanced around. It’s a very in depth topic. Do you balance around the 1% and ensure if played optimally all are equal or do you consider the ease of play, and thus indirectly the forgiving nature of specs when balancing? Tough question. This isn’t a tangent. This is to explain that perhaps lesser experienced players may struggle to reach the full potential of a spec and thus when fighting someone equally skilled, struggle due to the opponents spec being easier to succeed with.

So I mean, with that said. The thing left to discuss isn’t a matter of differing opinion. It’s really finding out what happened and why. If the why is unavoidable, perhaps nerfs are warranted esp if it bleeds into other content. If it was a misplay well…

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Balance just seems weird now. It used to be fun but now I can’t even use it for leveling. I don’t want to play Feral so Druid is going on the bench while I switch to Monk.