Are all the animals in shadowlands dead?

So i was leveling in bastion, killing some turtles when i had a simple question: is this a dead turtle? Was this turtle chosen by the arbiter to be a kyrian and ferry terrapins to the afterlife? What of other animals in the expansion? Did the writers not think anyone would care, or was this answered somewhere?


I mean, if you go deep it’s weird people in Maldraxxus fight “eternally” dying constantly, but in the other zones if someone dies they go to “oblivion” and disappear forever.

There are a lot of inconsistencies with how death works everywhere in the Shadowlands.

But the ravagers and the drust have proven there are beings from other dimensions that can manifest in the Shadowlands and thrive by consuming anima… or that are actually beings made of anima. So I’d say that if such beings appear and they are actually not interfering with the process of the zone they can live there…


The native animals are just a feature of the afterlife.
Probably created to make souls feel more at home in their new eternity.


Remember in Classic and TBC when you were farming boars for leather?

They ended up in this terrible expac for your sins.


I almost feel guilty. Almost.


No. Just because it is the afterlife for us doesn’t mean it is the same for them. The afterlife is really another plane of existence much the same as entering an alternate dimension…except we know the intended method and it generally tends to be a 1 way trip.

When you really want to be deep, question how resurrection works in WoW. We know that, canonically, the Kyrian go and fetch a soul immediatly on death…but they never say they return one getting resurrected. Think of the Forsaken who got raised. Do they have their original souls? They certainly think and act like they do and warlocks can use drain soul on them.

Speaking of souls, how does that work with warlocks who trap souls in soulstones? Do Kyrian just sort of hang out and wait for the warlock to use the soul?


hey remember the turtles we killed in bfa well they are in shadowlands lol


What You said: Good point

The lore writers: “Sylvanas? what about her? You know she had no control over herself right, you were talking about sylvanas right? Turtle? No sylvanas is undead silly she isn’t a turtle. By the way have you heard about sylvanas?”

I think it’s mostly the constructs that can return from death. Everyone else from Maldraxxus seems to die for good when killed.

Even then, it seems even the constructs can die for good within Maldraxxus, so who knows. :man_shrugging:

they can if they are not “saved in time”
if you do the stich yard quest you get the souls if those are gone then they die

i think it was some thing like this in the early quest lines

The animals in the shadowlands are constructs made in zereth mortis, all in order to create scenery for the afterlife.


The Shadowlands is just a different realm of existence. Creatures live and die there just like they would in our characters’ realm. Pretty sure that when they do die though, they just disperse into anima or something.

Sylvanas killed squirrels for the Maw.

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Skinning goes brrrrrr

You have given this more thought than the actual dev team already….


No. The shadowlands is a realm with its own native life. At some point in the distant past it might have started with automata, but just as happened on Azeroth, the constructs eventually turned fleshy.

(Finding sources to back this claim up is proving tricky though - lot of contradictory head-cannon out there and there is a risk I’m just adding to it)

Yes and No, they’re made of Anima which means they’re basically made from souls, but the animals themselves are native to the Shadowlands

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Yes. Yes they are all dead. This is the “After” Life. I hope I go to “Alliance” Heaven.

That is the level of quality writing in this expansion.

We are going to through the veil to the afterworld, populated by the spirits of the fallen where things are corporeal and can be killed to go to the after-after world?

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