Arcturis can't be tamed?

So I know I am not crazy, because my main hunter has the big blue bear…but my new hunter keeps being told he ISN’T tameable while in BM spec.

Did something change, or am I not doing something right that used to work in the past?

What level is the new BM hunter? I think you have to be a certain level to tame the exotic pets.

Edit: This passive ability.


Well crapola…what’s the point of going BM if you don’t get to do the great BM stuff until you are 60% of the way to max level?!

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Arcturis is a free spirit and will not stand for any shenanigans!

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Yeah it’s way stupid but well what can we do? It hurts that we can’t tame the exotics that we are passing by in an area due to not being high enough level. Especially when some of those pets are the only ones that survive well.