Arcanite Reaper Repopulation Effort

Hey all! So far, the “fresh start” event back on November 6th has brought a quite astonishing breath of fresh air into struggling servers. However, I don’t think that we should just settle where we could keep the ball rolling, for both Alliance and Horde.

As it stands currently there’s very few guilds on both factions (even fewer who can raid as it stands), and I and several others I’ve spoken to on the server think that the best thing to keep our little server healthy is to continue where the Reinforcements left off and extend our hands to anyone who’d like a “fresh start”, at the Classic WoW experience, or even anyone who’s just felt alienated by the servers having been flooded with boosters, bots, gold buying/selling, and super elitist/ try-hard guilds. Naturally, this applies to new characters or transfers.

Like I stated before, I think it’s amazing how a struggling server has been able to once again stand back on it’s feet with all the people who showed such enthusiasm for a second chance at the game, and I hope that we can make it even better (horde and alliance) by forging a server wide community with some friendly competition among guilds, be able to challenge all the current raid tiers, and enjoy a bit of world pvp.

Currently, there are a few alliance guilds that are playing all levels of content, from leveling to end-game dungeons and looking to progress into MC. This includes Reinforcements, SquadGoals, Archon, and I believe Voids Embrace.

I don’t have a ton of knowledge of what’s on the Horde side, so if a Horde player from Arcanite Reaper sees this, please chip in with any guilds formed or forming Horde side!


Not so sure about that. It’s funny that there are quite many folks are driven off by the attitude of a certain re-roll guild and they have either quit or transferred to other realms. So good luck out there.

I’ve tried to make it a point that they aren’t the only guild on the server like they’d like people to believe. Trust me when I say as time goes on I’ve become well aware of certain people’s behavior, and they do not reflect the greater community.