Arcanite Reaper realm needs DESPERATE HELP!

You are only level 13 just move servers… takes like 15 minutes to get to 13 imo.


Well, if we’re being honest, they trickled out the new realms. It’s not like they all popped at once and are now dead. No, some of them were doomed from the start, as others were already quite established from name day on (before the game even launched) and will probably die slow deaths.

I’d also add that it may be that the population isn’t dead there but isn’t ready for endgame yet. The majority of players have yet to hit max level.

Nah i earned the right to say what classic is like by playing it, AND playing vanilla, check the tabard buddy.

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This is believable. The problem seems to be especially bad horde side as I touched on in my post. Recent census data shows a tremendous faction imbalance and I can often count the number of players on the entire horde faction with a handful of /who commands. I was outside Dire Maul for two hours and saw countless alliance groups running in and out and not a single horde group… At peak hours.



OP. Here you go.


Whoa. That’s crazy timing! I guess they must have some metrics showing there is an issue.

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I think you’re on the wrong thread. This is about server population bro.


Yep, you sure do.

But it’s still opinion, not fact.

Check the dictionary, buddy.

AR pop is nowhere near as bad as OP says. I have no doubt that it will get to a point like that eventually, but I also believe that Blizzard will address the issue eventually… relax.

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I have empirical proof that the numbers are at least bad as I say. I have run several censuses recently that return less than 500 characters online horde side, during peak hours 5-10 server time. In the early morning when I play before work there are often less than 100.

Always manage to run into several alliance in high level zones though.

The entire basis for your argument of overall population and faction balance is… early morning play. Kind of an important piece of the puzzle don’t you think?


I mean, it’s not great by any means. Finding groups can be literally impossible sometimes. But I wouldn’t say it’s dead.

I agree with that, somewhat. I can get on board with saying increased population would be a good thing, but my friends and I came from Whitemane, and I’m not in any hurry to recreate that experience (via a hasty merge). That was anything but Vanilla-like.

Also opening up paid transfers is just going to compound the problem for the rest of us. People will leave, and then we’ll have an even smaller pop.

Yeah that would be insanely detrimental to the server for the population to decrease anymore. My hope is that there’s a large group of people still leveling, and within the next few weeks/months we see those people hit 60 and start to feed the end game content structure.

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Agreed. I don’t want the server to DIE and I like the community and small-feel of seeing and running with a lot of the same players. Transfers off would probably be a bad idea. I expected low pop, that’s what I wanted and I made a conscious decision to transfer on day one knowing it might be a risk.

I guess playing on other realms has just made me jealous of all the pug MC full clears popping off daily.

That’s fair… pros and cons. I kind of feel like the pros are still outweighing the cons, but I know that’s subjective as to what type of player I am.

GaMe Is NoT GuuD bohooo, EnD GAmE iS NoNExisTant boohooo.
Then don’t play classic?

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Lol, I wish.

I played retail. I have the right to say what that is. Trash. Easy mode for kids. I was getting purples for showing up. Sometimes my blues turned into purples for no reason. Warmode… What a joke… Lfr… Seriously. I also noticed it’s dead even with cross realms. Org was dead during peak hrs and so was sw and that new BFA city on the water. Empty. The games not even an MMO anymore. It’s a trash single playerish mobo. Do ppl playing classic go on the retail forums and trash talk retail like you do with classic? I’d imagine not cause we’re enjoying the game we play and didn’t lose all our friends to retail:)

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