⚔ [Arcanite Reaper] Official Discord Server [NEW!]

Welcome Fairbanks, Whitemane, and new users to the server!

It is time to build a community that we can cherish, and to meet new people and create memories for all!

For the alliance, and for the horde! Welcome to Arcanite Reaper PVP.



This server is pretty neat, happy to see all the refugees here!

Thanks for joining!

I think this’ll be great. How do I see text channels?

All you have to do is assign your role.

What channel do I go to to assign my role? Sorry new to disc :smiley:

Alright Kiatonna it’s in the role selection.

This server looks promising!

Thanks alot, I’m in :dagger:

Gonna be joining this.

How do I DM you in discord? I have ideas on how to improve the server.

I’m really excited for this server, I think it will do great!

Who else is transferring? I think I will to have a tighter knit community :smiley:

I’m moving from Thunderfury! Excited to play with all of you!

This realm will be dead in 12 months but on behalf of Fairbanks, we thank you.

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It’ll have a healthy pop as long as you manage your expectations. A low realm today would be a Full realm in 2004 Vanilla WoW.

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Wow I love it! Thunder Bluff and chat on the cities was dead earlier ( what a relief) and the auction house didint have much bids either. I didint have to compete with other players when questing either, so far i like it!. Valedor here (Tauren Druid level 45 ) To show hes quality.

I think I’m going to transfer from Whitemane today. I’m hoping I can get into a decent guild so I have people to play with!

Reapers rise up!

This server seems neat, I think i’ll xfer soon