Arcane QoL Changes

Just two things boys.

Start them off at 1 second GCD. We’re more or less time wizards at this point. Why are we slow to the point that it makes doing our rotation based around Radiant Spark (which we’re balanced around for some reason) awful?

Let Arcane Charges juice Arcane Explosion like it does Arcane Blast. If we’re gonna have to fish for procs to do the big dakka for AoE, we might as well have it do some damage and a 1 second GCD will make proc fishing faster.

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Good Ideas Yang, I should mention the time wizards have already looked into this.

Doctor Strange – “I went forward in time… to view alternate futures. To see all the possible outcomes of the coming conflict.”

Star-Lord – “How many did you see?”

Doctor Strange – “Fourteen million six hundred and five.”

Tony Stark – “How many did we win?”

Doctor Strange – “…One.”

Did Blizz just decide to actively take a fat dump on Arcane after WOD on account of that time 19 of them smoked M Felreaver in like a minute?

It’s like they went. “never again. We can’t have people Gordian Knotting their way through WoW.”

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Hey, it may as well be the case. Considering how they tend to have knee-jerk reactions to events like that. It wouldn’t be the first time as we’ve seen them do with affliction warlocks just in this expansion alone.

I don’t know what Blizz did to affy. And to be fair, it doesn’t stop them from making council bosses in raids where affy generally excels.