Arcane PvP

So arcane definitely takes some getting used to! Having pretty much all spells outside of frost nova/cov on one spell school does kinda suck.

However, once I got the hang of it I was pumping in BG’s …Def the most fun on mage in a while… and we get buffed today along with some dispel protection.

Been reading that arcane is quite easily countered once people know what they are doing. However, those that do not get punished! cant wait to test the buffs!

Anyone else having fun with Arcane? If it performs well in the raid now I may also switch over to it full time!

Dont quite see it being an arena contender because fire, but definitely alot of fun in BG’s/Shuffle etc.

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I have fun with it. I like the non-popular specs and builds because it challenges me as a player to learn my class a little better. I would say the biggest deterrent to rolling Arcane is shoveling folx into building their toon around Touch of Magi lol. It’s limiting and the energy stored into it if you kill your target doesn’t cycle back into your toon it’s just lost to time and space. Then you are back to building and spending lol. I wish our Arcane Familiar did more. I wish our PVP skills weren’t so utility centric – ooo going invizzy for 3 secs cool. lol, They can do better making Arcane feel beefier like Hunters and Paladins, to be honest. Mage is a core magic class in all Fantasy driven settings so you would think it would be a little more competitive and less sloppy seconds.

I’m currently playing venthyr in pvp as arcane and having the best results- but I have to wonder about necro - haven’t tried that-

Gotta love blinking out of a stun, getting kicked on my poly and using door of shadows to get out of dodge with alter time bringing me right back where I started after they thought they chased me down :slight_smile:

Digging it. Using double dps trinkets- not sure the best cov—def NOT kyrian tho lol. Agree on venth seems like the go-to.

kyrian has been the best for me. gives me the most amount of burst by myself. everything else feels like no damage.

Hey Twin lol