Arcane Mage PVP in 8.1 and moving foward

(Setback) #1

Hello I’m Setback from Illidan. I’m gladiator on my mage and love my mage. I don’t PVE much anymore as I don’t find it too fun or rewarding on my mage. I mostly duel/random bg and arena for fun. I’d like to bring up some issues and concerns I have with mage

What is being done to address how many useless talents mages have right now? We’ve heard nothing but crickets from blizzard regarding this and its quite disheartening

Arcanes level 15 row is pathetic and offers no major gameplay. You could delete all 3 talents and it wouldn’t be noticed or missed much. How is this acceptable design?

Level 30 row for arcane.
Mana shield: Nerfed and 100% useless. - No reason to ever take this

Slipstream: Vastly undertuned and also useless. Clearcasting doesn’t even proc enough or do enough when it does for it to ever be a choice. Never even worth sacrificing shimmer for it.

lvl 45 row arcane:
Mirror images are useless, undertuned, outdated. We lost them baseline and gained them as a talent. They remain a forgotten relic
incanters Flow is our 99.9% defacto go to in PVP and PVE if you wanna be lazy.
Rune of power our PVE variant. There is no choice here in either situation for PVP

Level 60 row arcane:
Resonance: is ok- but never a choice for pvp.

Charged up-The only clear choice for arcane in almost all situations because it synergizes with our spec and on-demand burst needs. In PVP it has to be this. Mages are designed around big on demand burst and until that is changed we don’t have alternatives here or wiggle room. You can’t pop out of invisi on a CC chain and start hammering damage out with no Arcane charges in precious CC windows. We live and die by the openers.

Supernova: This had the potential to be a great talent but with its current state it reminds me of a purple mouse fart, large cd and very little dmg and the knockup is lower then a player can jump. Taking it for its psuedo interrupt effect is all the talent offers in value because its so vastly undertuned .

Level 75 row arcane: This row tends to baffle me more then anything and I’m curious to how its gone on so long.

Chrono shift: This an essential arcane tool for getting around and staying mobile, the sprint doesn’t suppress slows and it isn’t noticeable most of time. If a rogue crippling poisons me and is right up my butt and im spamming arc barr to try and get away its almost laughable.

Ice ward is 100% dead and useless trait for all specs for what we give up to take it.

Ring of Frost: Fire is the only spec really capable of taking ring of frost anymore. Arcane can its just difficult to setup rings as arcane. Giving up the limited speed of chrono shift always makes you more vulnerable then you would like to be.

Level 90 arcane:
Nether Tempest: PVP wise we only ever take nether tempest and its just to proc azerite traits or prevent restealths, damage is a joke and no dispel penalty is a bigger joke. The other 2 for PVE are also very ehhh.

Level 100 arcane:
Overpowered: Even in its nerfed condition remains one of our best alternatives.

TA: Just doesn’t bring much and it had potential to be a great talent but its reached the dead talent pool. No reason to ever take it over overpowered or arcane orb.

Arcane orb: CD is way too long for the GCD it uses and the damage it does in pvp. It should be baseline and not a talent.

Arcane specific honor talents are also lacking and poorly designed/underwhelming and interaction with our gameplay and design. Most of them should be baseline and Arcane itself is in sore need of new talents and a redesign of what we have.

Arcane mastery was covered by Mythos in another post so I won’t go into it here.

Arcane spells and rotation was also covered and doesn’t need much explanation into whats wrong except that it carries over into PVP.

Without burning determination which should be baseline or an honor talent it also puts arcane at a disadvantage since offensive spells and CC are tied to same school. Block or die is what arcane is subjected to in a game overflowing with multiple ranged kicks and stuns combined with melee mobility which is another issue for another thread.

Arcane should be more then popping charged up/pom/ap/on use trinket and turreting arcane blasts. With so many dead talents, bad rotation design and gameplay, all the traits nerfed into garbage (double bf focus being our best trait since all arcane specific ones were gutted out) Should be red flags when we don’t bother with class specific ones.

Prismatic barrier could use a lot of love and dispel penalty. 25 second CD for 30k damage absorb doesn’t have much mileage as our only line of defense. Its either mindlessly dispelled or purged or breaks near instantly. Its simply spending a global to try to keep you alive a wee bit longer.

Arcane power also being on the GCD and easily purged is a problem as well. Mages are currently the only class in the game with offensive cds that can be instantly dispelled.

I have to ask what is Blizzards vision of the mage class moving foward in PVP?
What role is a mage supposed to play, what is our class vision? Currently we aren’t doing much other then being 1 tricks with every spec being plagued by issues we resort to finding the most overpowered trait and clinging to it like rats on a drowning ship because everything else is underwhelming or overnerfed.

I plan on breaking down the issues with every spec in the coming days.

(Chaoticc) #4

This is the most accurate break down of arcane mage rn. Arcane needs multiple talent changes, a slight dmg nerf to arcane blast, a buff to missiles/ rework of clearcasting, some new and interesting Azerite traits and hell maybe give us mark of aluneh back

(Failedwizard) #5

If you think Resonance, Reverberate, Ring of Frost, and Amplification are dead talents for Arcane then whew boy, I don’t know what to say! Not to mention Ring of Frost is usable in Mass Invis and doesn’t break it…

(Failedwizard) #6

What, so we can be further forced in to just spamming Missiles all game long?

(Favi) #7

Mirror image

could use spell power coefficient and visual adjustments for PvE. They could use better AI and QoL improvements for use in PvP. They would do well if they displayed the same buffs, debuffs, and character effect visuals when used to at least force players to take a third or second glance at the images.

Resonance and Charged Up

Resonance is amazing in PvE and it works for plenty of situations in PvP. It’s straight damage increase for Barrage that scales well.
Resonance competes well with Charged up as they are opposite sides of the coins, where one gives you your cake up front and the other gives it to you after you’ve had dinner. In PvP, you can often build for your burst window just like most casters. Charged up is very much the rogue gameplay of waiting for your CDs.


Supernova is a Utility talent that happens to do AoE Damage, primarily for the knock up to interrupt someone. It could certainly use some love to make it more generally useful in other situations, such as against mobs that are immune to the knockup effect.

Chrono Shift

Chrono Shift isn’t meant to be a panacea of movement abilities, particularly for arcane mages who have access to blink and displacement. It’s a fantastic tool paired with a low cooldown instant cast offensive ability for staying with a target or even while running from a target.

That’s more akin to the Mass Invis talent being broken and not recognizing spells or abilities of the player than of Ring of Frost being useful.

Mages are still one of the core classes of WoW, in PvE and PvP. They make up center in the lineup for the nearly trademarkable RMP of WoW Arena, primarily because they have a deep kit for surviving and damage.

In my opinion, Arcane could use significant assistance in terms of abilities to make the gameplay much more interesting. While arcane charges and mana conservation are interesting mechanics to manage, the actual effects are limited. Active talents and abilities are often underpowered and only offered as utilities, meaning they are left out of rotations. As far as the damage rotation goes, if you selected all the talents or none of the talents, you’d end up only changing your opening salvo by adding in the CD and little else.