Arcane Mage Adjustment – Oct. 1

(Kaivax) #1

We’re working on a tuning adjustment for Arcane Mages. With realm maintenance next week, we plan to:


  • Mage
    • Arcane
      • Damage of all abilities increased by 8%.

As always, this change is a work in progress. We’ll let you know if we change plans, and you’ll see the final adjustment in the final hotfixes notes.

Thank you!

Arcane is getting a buff
Arcane Mage PVE Guide?
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(Mistwynd) #3

Yay! This is most welcome.



(Varolyn) #5

Still no Sub rogue buff yet.


Not bad, but it could be 11% instead of 8%. 8% will probably still keep them dead-last given how far behind they are right now. 11% will still keep them low, but maybe not dead-last by a good margin.

(Sifting) #7

why even bother? just had a 6% buff a few months ago before ep started and it still a bad spec.


Anyone else remember when Blizzard’s balance hotfixes worked by adjusting individual abilities and talents instead of just being a lazy global %buff?


Maybe just a bad player, you can’t just play Arcane as if it was Fire or Frost - but so many try. I’m doing just fine on Arcane … but am happy to get a free +8% buff.


Doing fine as in beating fire and frost? Because I can prove the opposite easily.

(Sifting) #12

you don’t post on your main.

I’ve been arcane since legion and for ep i switched to fire. arcane just isn’t good enough anymore


He didn’t post on his main because he’s wrong. Unless he’s talking about level 15 arcane mage, yeah they’re probably fine.

(Schwarzkopf) #14

I’ve played Arcane for 14 years, and it does far better than fire and a little better than frost here. The problem is that you can’t just learn the spec, you have to learn the spec on a per boss basis. It takes way more effort and means your first few runs on a boss are not great.


Does far better huh? You realize your best Sivara Mythic was 28.7k right? I do more on my PROTECTION PALADIN. Demo-Archimonde. I’ll post if I have to but you’re just dead wrong about arcane being viable.

(Demo) #16

Check my logs.

(Schwarzkopf) #17
  1. I’ve not done any mythic, I’m just an average player comparing my results with other average players.
  2. Another fact - when I play Fire, I do under 10k, when I play Frost under 20k … so Arcane is objectively better here than Fire or Frost.
  3. If you think that high level players have issues with Arcane, maybe that’s because their play style doesn’t cope with learning to use the tools properly.

(Demo) #18

I think you’re confused on what you are comparing. You being bad at fire and frost does not make arcane good.

(Tempestwinds) #19

Schwarz, I’ve been arcane since I started and have endured everything Blizzard has thrown at us and done (or not done) to us and what you said is patently absurd.

Arcane is far and above (or below) the lowest damage of the mage specs, both for mythic+ and raiding of all tiers. An orange parse for us is a blue parse for an equally geared/skilled fire mage. YOU may be better at it than frost or fire, just as I am better at arcane than the other 2 specs, but arcane is in no way better in any environment short of perhaps frustrating melee in pvp.

Given how Blizzard has buffed the spec 6% a few weeks ago and is now considering another 8% (that’s 14% for people still counting), it’s pretty crazy to think they’d buff us if we were better than frost and fire and ignore those two.

(Schwarzkopf) #20

Well - that logic also means being bad at arcane doesn’t make frost or fire good.

Anyway - I’m outta here, once I get attacked personally I know I’ve won the argument.

(Demo) #21

You’re using your personal information as proof that fire and frost are bad. What am I supposed to attack? Statistics show that fire>frost>arcane for ALL CONTENT. Your personal situation has NO BEARING on that.

I’m going to apply to your guild on my alliance alt and play arcane better than you, by pressing one button. There, that’s a personal attack.