Arcane M+ Necrolord Build

Thought i would share an off meta build i have been messing around with. I have my conduits maxed now that krothia is a resonable time investment. Overall damage varys per dungeon. It has alot of small syngeries i will outline.

I run the Bombardment Legendary and focus on boosting the barrage outputs passively via Enlightened and the good mastery buff. Ez Spam, high mobility.

Forgeborne Reveries - Passive int gains, Rebirth if you die.
Heirmir’s Arsenal: Gorestomper - Small gains on execute, works better on high health targets.
Carver’s Eye - good Mastery bonus (boost barriage damage) High uptime and most important Mana regen boosts.
Runeforged Spurs - Movement speed in dungeons is helpful.

Gift of the Lich - more uptime on deathboard.
Artifice of the Archmage - This will generate charges, not just for damage, but for mana regain and to trigger Rules of three.
Magi’s Brand - Damage boost.

Skills -

Rule of Threes - I picked this over amplicifaction as CC procs seem better served for mana gains to keep Enlightened enabled and often you will want to execute over letting the CC finish.
Incanter’s Flow - Passive gains
Enlightened - Passive gains and core to the build
Resonance - Boost barrage

The tricky part is the rotation, as it will vary at all times. You need to act fast to get your mastery buff before they drop below 90.

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