Arcane Heart Azerite Trait Change

(Kaivax) #1

We’re working on a change to the Arcane Heart Azerite Trait that was introduced in Rise of Azshara. How it works today is:

Arcane Heart gives you a buff for every 1.5 million damage or healing you do. However, damage or healing that comes from something other than you casting a spell is not counted. For example, a Blood Death Knight doing healing from Death Strike isn’t benefitting from that healing counting to the next proc of Arcane Heart.

So we’re developing a fix for that. Currently, the change looks like this:


  • Heart of Azeroth
    • Arcane Heart
      • Fixed a bug that caused some damage and healing effects to go uncounted by this Azerite Trait.
      • Damage and healing counted to activate Omnipotence is no longer counted while Omnipotence is active.

The second change there is needed to keep this from being a big buff for a Trait that we feel is fairly well-balanced before we make the bugfix.

If all goes well, we expect to bring this fix to the game with maintenance this week (tomorrow for Americas realms, and thereafter for EU and Asian realms).


Thank you for this! :slight_smile:


when one of the worst traits available gets nerfed. ? lol

i guess no one cares since no one used it anyway


I’m honestly confused, because while its over-performing for a couple specs, it’s very lackluster and terrible for the majority of specs…meanwhile you refuse to fix class imbalance with the justification that “several classes” were getting updates and only buffed Arcane. It’s as if you don’t give a single care about this game anymore.


How is this a balanced trait? It’s absolutely terrible for tanks. Add damage taken to it as well.

(Charity) #7

Is there some sekret math Blizz is using to judge this and other traits? Cause the sim work that the community produces tells us how truly awful this and many other azerite traits are.

To be clear, going into SEASON TWO, the Blizz Devs said they would look at and re-balance azerite traits to bring them into a narrower range of effectiveness. Yet, here we are with traits like Igeous Potential, Equipoise, Furious Gaze, Nothing Personal, etc. being not MILES but friggin LIGHT YEARS ahead of other traits, even just looking at traits within a specific class spec. Azerite armor is likely the worst power gain system ever added to WoW, and you keep making it worse instead of simply doing the napkin math required to bring all the crappy traits up to par with the good traits.

(Azreluna) #8

If everyone were supposed to use the same three essences, they would’ve only put three essences in the game.

(Charax) #9

Literally the worst trait in the game that no classes want, just delete it so its not wasting a slot


You made a weak talent marginally less weak by fixing a bug. There are 3 new talents and only one of them is useful to DPS.

Why would you ever produce a talent that makes the raid better if you die? Or is random such as this one? Both of them feel like failed ideas

(Zacheris) #11

If Mastery is worth more than 20% better than your main stat, Loyal to the End is actually a really strong trait. As a mage it’s likely it’s one of your best traits. A lot of sims are only using the base value for it which is why it’s showing up so low.


Oh pls Blizzard, no one is using this garbage trait.

(Drezwazluz) #13

You literally could not have suggested a worse change to it.

(Captyestrday) #14

You do realize that just meant any GOOD traits would be nerfed to be nice and crappy like the rest, right?

(Charity) #15

Blizzard makes mistakes, but they don’t tend to absolutely crap the bed on balance/fix issues. If they nerfed everything, the outcry would be enough that a further change would happen.

Also, the near zero response from the playerbase re: Azerite traits means absolutely nothing will change and instead players will simply lean into the sim charts and ‘enjoy’ a tier of undesirable azerite armor pieces from Eternal Palace, while chasing the same piece of dungeon armor that fits their needs from M+.

(Drezwazluz) #16

For the majority of players, Undulating Tides traits are more than fine for their normal/early heroic bosses, and the damage will be good.

Loyal to the End is one of the stronger traits.


I’ve noticed that discipline bubbles do not count towards Arcane Heart, is that working as intended or will this be implemented with the change?


Most hilarious joke today. “The second change there is needed to keep this from being a big buff for a Trait that we feel is fairly well-balanced before we make the bugfix.” WOW, this trait is totally trash and now I know the standard of fairly well-balanced for blizzard.

(Drezwazluz) #19

For some specs it’s very strong, for other’s it’s very weak. By it’s very nature of how it functions it has to be such an extreme in one way or the other.

Use your head.


Who is it “very strong” for in a general sense? I could see some gimmick fight making it better for say shadow priests, but in the general sense of single target… it is not good for ANYONE. You quite literally need to do 100k hps/dps to even keep it at 80% uptime.


Please show me “some specs”, I could tell you “None” of specs are very strong on this trait. Again, use your brain to look at the WCL, the trait is totally trash.