✨ Arcane for raiding?


So then whats the best spec for EP?


With arcane you might get anoyed by the fact even if you preform your rotation perfect you wont hit near top dps. If you mess up your rotation youll be near the tanks in damage.

(Furijan) #13

I’ve been enjoying fire. I seem to be middle of the pack in my raid group. We have a frost mage that runs about the same or higher. I was going to switch back to arcane because I like it and the rotation is straightforward, but there is so much movement I’m not going to bother switching.

(Mistwynd) #14

Cleared all of normal last week plus first 3 on heroic.

Did some fights as arcane and some as frost. I didn’t know anything about the fights beforehand.

My DPS was comically bad. Pretty much the worst in the raid with either spec :frowning:


im hoping for an over haul of arcane in the near future.
a few months ago i suggest the addition of new spells to the build, some exist already in the wow universe like


or even

such a tragedy that we are confined to such few boring spells for the arcane build. I heard that the devs said that they went overboard with pruning maybe good things are in the works, fingers crossed.


We did it boys!

Surely this will fix all of Arcane’s problems! :rofl:


It’ll help for sure. Too bad there’s still other issues with the spec.


They never should have changed missiles to the comedy/tragedy they are. They’re the most pointless part of arcane right now.

Cast when clear casting procs, no interaction with charges, never cast them during arcane power … they’re useless.

Arcane Orb still a top tier talent even though it isn’t anymore. Talent rows still mixed up with ST and AoE in the same row, still need to be in melee to do AoE damage (and it’s not great AoE damage), traits are all RNG based for AoE … even the essences are just “there” with no interaction with the spec to make gameplay fun or more engaging.

It’s just a big hot mess this expansion. It needs to a total rework (AGAIN).

(Moonshayde) #19

I think too many issues to fix, and the current class devs couldn’t design their way out of a paper bag. The big pre-mythic balancing pass is effectively:

One guy looks at warcraft logs, picks worst spec.
Give worst spec a minor aura buff, totally insufficient to make it useful.
Make post about Arcane buff.

Total time spent: Less than one man hour.

They aren’t even phoning it in at this point.

(Bojanglz) #20

It’s fine? It is dead last still and has been. There are a couple of fights in Eternal Palace where it does okay, but to say the spec is fine shows you likely haven’t played arcane in a long while.

They even just gave it a 6% buff. Not sure it will help much but that shows Arcane isn’t fine.

I do agree with your first part though where if you are not pushing mythic or world first races then you will be fine enough where you aren’t holding the raid back.

(Bojanglz) #21

Yeah, frost is bottom 3 the first week of raid with arcane dead last.


It is actually laughable that they have done some minor work on other specs since the expac started … tweaking talents and mechanics … but their answer for arcane is “add a damage buff.”


Yeah, arcane is scraping the bottom of the charts and unless you’re running no-IL, Frost is right there with them. The current raid design really sucks and makes me believe that the whole class needs a redesign with more instant procs, not the anchored casters we are. I am now 8/8N and it is terrible once you get to Azshara due to all the movement and forced soaks on the wards, along with a host of LoS issues since the bosses get dragged behind pillars and you’re constantly having to re-adjust


I haven’t tried the no-IL build yet.

My frost traits are such that I could run with FFx3, 1 Tunnel, 1 crit trait, and 1 packed ice. Not sure what i can get my mastery up to but I think I can get it to 25% or so.

Running the conventional Glacial Spike build did NOT go well last week. I was prepared to run fire this week.

(Kianen) #25

lol relax, the spec IS fine for casual content. everything is fine for casual content. sims and statistics are pointless if you aren’t pushing top-end or at LEAST trying to prog far into mythic, and even then, people make it work. that’s why arcane parses exist, that’s why sub rogue parses exist. people like the spec or want to try it and they kill the boss anyways.

of course the spec needs help and of course it’s floundering right now, it’s the least movement-friendly ranged dps, but if somebody really loves arcane (for some reason) they can still play it

(Tempestwinds) #26

Well if you really love arcane and are ok fighting to beat the tank’s dps in TEP then you can still play it. I actually really do like arcane but even I’ve given up the ghost. I’ve lost any faith I had left in Blizzard after today’s “6% will fix it” buff.

The problem I have with the entire situation is that no spec should be designed for use in purely casual content. While it’s cool to have “that person” in your guild who plays “that spec,” it’s actually doing a serious disservice to your guild/friends to play it. I despise class design that puts people in that position. Shame on Blizzard for letting the spec rot.


Wow thats awesome gj blizz.


Agreed. When was the gauge for if a spec is decent or not set at “good for casual content?”

Any spec is good for casual content. Clearly the context of this thread (which is right in the title) is “raiding” and arcane is definitely NOT good for raiding unless your benchmark is clearing LFR.


Why wouldn’t someone who is a heroic raider run sims to try to be the best for the content they are doing?..you’re kidding right?..it’s not pointless to them…


I hate to point this out, but with all the dps checks built into the Eternal Palace, and the way that Blizz is forcing movements in raids, we HAD to kick people under 15k DPS otherwise we would have never progressed. I run no-IL frost and there are some parts of the raid (especially Queen Azshara) that I had an issue keeping my dps up through. Most fights are absolutely TERRIBLE for casters that rely on stationary traits and abilities like Rune of Power. It is simply a nightmare to keep your dps up high enough even in normal groups to justify keeping something like an Arcane mage in the group when you can pick up that Ele Shaman or SP that just popped into the waitlist.