Arcane buffs following frost buffs

It appears frost got a minor buff for 9.1.5, maybe arcane gets some too? You know you wanna blizz

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What kind of buffs?

Class Tuning on 9.1.5 Release Candidate Build (October 22nd) - Frost Mage, Fury Warrior Buffs - Wowhead News

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No, I meant what kind of arcane buff.

What exactly needs to be buffed aside from maybe Supernova talent?

Arcane is currently stronger than frost by a decent margin in raids. Frost is currently one of the lowest 3 performing specs in raids which is why it got a buff, so its unlikely arcane will get a buff.

True but only because of one stupid covenant. Naturally this will keep arcane from getting any changes and force more and more arcane players to go Kyrian even when they don’t want to. Then they wonder where all the people went…

One thing I can agree with is that it does suck that kyrian is kind of in a spot where it pretty much fills in all check marks that would make all of the other covenants uninteresting to most.

Want burst st, cleave and multitarget all wrapped up in one? Kyrian. There’s pretty much no reason to even go to the others.

Tbh I think the largest problem with Arcane rn is that it just has bad legendaries and kyrian has the best synergy with one of the viable legendaries.

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It does limit the st and Mt priority, but my point was mainly how the covenant abilities work concerning what they provide for the spec, which limits what can be used even more. Not to say, someone at Blizzard probably sees a situation like this and would think that other legendaries are there to use so we don’t have to stick to kyrian AND harmony, which is true, but that combination works so well together that it pretty much makes the other covenants and the other legendaries that can be used with them just not worth it.

Radiant spark and harmony combo just does everything that’s needed without making you feel like you’re trading st for Mt or the other way around. Why take necrolord with that ridiculous cd with a cleave component that’s hardly even noticeable? Why take venthyr when you’ll have to trade mt potential for purely st? Why take night fae when the downside is awful st for great mt? I’m not saying they’re not fun in all in their own way, but… kyrian is just too good. Just like venthyr for frost and night fae and arguably venthyr for fire. They’re just too good for those specs.

This 100%.

Arcane’s lego options are mostly memes.


Frost received a buff finally albeit very very small compared to what they need. Did you know frost had only up to now been getting nerfed for many expansions? They need a large number of buffs to their kit which is why no one plays frost pvp any more. It’s a joke! No stun. Their blinks don’t mean anything anymore because everyone has trinkets and speed boosts and gap closers up the wazoo. Frost needs a total make over to be up to snuff of the modern world of warcraft. They just aren’t what they used to be. All it takes to kill a Frost mage is to slow them. It’s game over they can’t do anything. Buff Frost more

Frost got a 9% buff and then a 3% buff to everything earlier this year. People’s memories can be so foggy lol.

I looked at those “frost buffs” Nakkita linked.

Just about the smallest buff possible. I haven’t simmed it, but my guess is this will boost frost damage by maybe 4/10 of 1%.

That’s too small of a buff to be noticeable to anyone actually playing the game.

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Those were reverts to previous tuning if you paid attention

And yet it’s still one of the weakest ST specs in the game, and has consistently been one of the worst specs for raiding and open-world. In fact, until quite recently it was also quite poor in M+. Maybe it’s just a poorly designed spec and Blizzard needs to put in more than 3 minutes of effort into it before next expansion so we don’t spend a 3rd expansion in a row basically applying AI and going to sit down in a corner.

Blizzard doesn’t have a clue how to balance the game. If you want to be optimal you just have to play the hand forced flavor of the month. Most people refuse to keep re-rolling and quit.

PTR tuning doesn’t count. It also wasn’t a complete revert of the PTR status of Frost pre-SL.

Given the Winter’s Chill change it seems Blizz went full on TV/IP synergy with regards to Frost. It also seems to be balanced around this interaction. Frost’s lack of a burst also means that when Dom Rank 5 set bonuses activate, Frost can’t exploit them as well as other specs can, especially because of its over-reliance on procs this expansion.

In fairness, Frost isn’t terrible on some fights in the tier, but it’s absolutely useless on the fights that matter.

Basically, as long as Blizz’s next raid final fights are these long, intermission heavy, strongest final DPS check styled (like Denathrius and Syl are), Frost will fall off as the tier progresses, but will probably be okay on progression for world races. Even on Mythic Syl, Frost has some moments of relevance: it’s very good at quickly switching to the arrows/adds in P1 and getting multiple Orb resets from them, it does small shuffles on P2 platforms really well, and the multiple Blocks have excellent use for P3 soaks. However overall it falls flat on its face from a numbers perspective.

The only specs that handle these sort of fights well are those that need just 1 lego to excel in all formats of DPS. This is why, among mages, Kyrian Arcane is your best pick for this fight because Harmony is relevant for any phase of this fight and anytime there’s downtime/running Arcane doesn’t mind provided it got its burst off prior.


A revert is a revert. You don’t play frost so stop posing. And it’s really showing that you don’t know what you’re talking about either

No, stuff that never made it to live servers and didn’t shape the meta and way/shape/form doesn’t count. Good try though.