Arcane and Frost 4 Set bonus needs fixing

I really think that the 4 piece set bonus need to be reworked because its actually a DPS lost in its current iteration on the PTR

Nope, it’s all deliberate.

Blizzard removed tier sets and introduces terrible borrowed-power systems with built in grinds.
Blizzard brings back tier sets that perform poorly and don’t work with the current terrible borrowed-power systems.
Players choose not to use said crap tier sets.
Blizzard blames player base and says “we did what you wanted but it turns out you didn’t actually want it”.
Blizzard pats themself on the back and starts work on the next terrible borrowed power system for 10.0.


Someone clearly hates WoW lol…it’s like yeah they screwed up a lot of things…I don’t deny it but I just can’t stand the negative crap you are spewing 24/7 here…it’s like yeah so? we know…chill out lol…i’m not going to even ask you why you are still on this forum posting if you hate it this much Tuckletuts but just so you know, you need a break I think…

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frost mage is massively better with the new fix. Comet Storm proc feels more like 25% and not like 2.5% it was pre-fix. The fact that it procs outside of ice veins is also nice


I’m glad they fixed the set, comet storm no longer consumes the winters chill.

They did change it and they have a lot of time for more changes, don’t worry till patch.

This also opens up some talent flexibility, as CmS now becomes the best ST talent. However, the ever present risk of CmS whiffing (both the talent and the tier bonus) is a serious risk against targets that move around often (aka most bosses)

They should really increase CmS AoE range to maybe 10y and make it ground targeted like Blizzard or make it so it absolutely doesn’t miss and also increasing its AoE range.

What’s the issue with arcane ?

The mana generation isn’t necessarily needed. I originally didn’t see much issue with it, but I agree that it isn’t needed and the cc proc would sort of fulfill the same thing while also filling in the entire damage window for totm.

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Inb4 CMS nerfs.

But honestly I would welcome changes that allow for some flexibility in talents. BfA for all its problems at least let Frost run RoF if they wanted (and if it worked on bosses). I’d love to run a talent set up that isn’t based around IL and keeping IV up at all times to have mid-pack damage.

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Probably wont be nerfed but it can be a sim bait because sims assume it doesn’t miss but in play it can whiff if your target moves around. Think of a boss like Sylvanas in the next tier, oooooooooh boy. I can’t even begin to think about the issues xD