AQ Server Question

Since I never experienced this before, I was hoping for some insight.

Does anyone have an idea about how long the Supply effort might take on this server? I’ve heard conflicting estimates.

Once that’s done, it takes 5 days for the supplies to “reach” Silithus if I am understanding this correctly.

During this time players are trying to complete the quest chain and ring the gong. I’m hoping to help my guild it’s with this for the experience.

It’s the 10 hour war I’m hoping to see the most but real life might interfere so I was thinking some if you might have an idea of how this will all play out …

And when the 10 hour might start (rough guess)

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The consensus among Mediocre players is that we can expect to be in AQ within 2-3 weeks of right now.

I know you were probably looking for a more detailed answer, but that’s what I’ve got. It’s largely up to whatever the horde has or hasn’t done.

My understanding is that they are way behind on their part.

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Yeah gates will be open when they’re open, there’s too many variables and unknowns but my gut feeling is that they’ll be open much faster than people might expect.


I appreciate the responses. I knew I was asking a tough question and some things are up in the air.

I really want to experience this event as much as I can and as much as RL will let me.

I believe the fastest it can be done is 8 days after the patch this Tuesday

Technically it can be open in 1 week on Tuesday

Whichever guild completes the Scepter quest, I would appreciate it if you can announce the date and time that you will bang the gong on the forum. If its on a weekday, please schedule it sometime after 6pm when most people will be home from work and can experience this event.

Thanks and best of luck to all guilds attempting the Scepter quest chain!

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I sincerely hope this is the case, since this a single opportunity for those of us that never experienced it before.

Unfortunately, I’m also smart enough to prepare myself for disappointment

/fingers crossed

I hope someone rings the gong at 1-2am server tbh. Best way to not experience major lag is for most of you all to be asleep. Plus that’d be an amazing troll move. Please Bang the Gong at 12-2am server

Your ambassador says otherwise.

Zug brains stronk together. Alliance defeated by linen cloth.