AQ PTR Stress Test, Part 2 -- June 25 at 3:00 p.m. PDT

Was a bug like this in the beta too for a short time. Funny stuff.

  1. Posting from a non-Classic account thus irrelevant.
  2. Removing layering will be horrendous.

best PTR bugs was back in TBC when you could stack stats and everyone was running around with millions of HP crit, haste and so on.

Or the PTR where they left GM commands on and you could use the teleport comands

Reminder real players are still being punished by a 30 daily instance lock out cap.


Reminder… 30 instance cap is bad and you guys have servers that are less stable that ones private servers ran out of a basement


What character you post on does not legitimize your posts, nor does it delegitimize them. The content of the post is more relevant and important than the character the person is posting on.


Wait is layering happening just on the designated layered realms or for every realm in the whole zone?

Sorry, can’t. Hit my 30 visits to the PTR limit a while ago, and really when you think about it what need could you possibly have for testing your hardware’s ability to run a 15 year old game?


I’d be willing to bet they are going to layer the zones.
Even the medium to smaller population servers will be infested with lag with everybody being in Silithus for the event.

Larger serves will probably crash or have people being kicked off-line (then potentially being met with a queue).

It’s going to be a dumpster fire because Blizzard has never invested in infrastructure that would allow for the type of gameplay/content where you’ve got hundreds of people in the same area being active. They’ve historically gotten around this by spreading content across zones…and creating lots of ‘instanced’ content.

I frankly don’t understand why WoW Classic’s player base helps Blizzard ‘test’ anything in a 15 year old game. The development team (assuming Classic WoW even has one) ignored the community for about 1/2 - 3/4 of the game’s life cycle at this point.