AQ Events = It is not okay to grief your own faction

Nothing undermines a point faster than assuming everyone else must be acting in bad faith to disagree with you. You sound like a zealot, not an intellectual, and not even a particularly good zealot.

Your personal distaste does not signify a moral superiority.

Hi am not defending, I am endorsing

Do you have any actual substance to add to the conversation or are you just going spew your odious opinions all over the place?


allowed? They would have pushed for it and told you to get gud.

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Well done proving the point. You’ve arrived on the forums on a Retail alt to pump sanctimonious bilge exclusively about this pet issue you have with PvP on a PvP server. You’re very upset and think your feelings justify a morally superior position on the matter.

Horde killing you? Kill them back.

Everything else is the same problem of PvE servers where one set of Alliance won’t play nice with another set of Alliance. Spawns are limited, competition and lack of drop access is not only likely, it is guaranteed. The zone isn’t being disrupted in the slightest when the zone itself encourages PvP.

You’re not entitled to free access to a hive full of silithid for you and your friends. You’re not entitled to a fair shake at racing to the finish line for a scepter. All of the disruptions you’re currently experiencing are why the game didn’t repeat any of this, but this is how Vanilla goes.

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As we’ve said elsewhere:

The reporting system is there to help us combat bad behavior, toxicity, and unfair gameplay. Attempts to trick or defraud a Game Master or abusing the system will result in account actions.

For anyone whose account received a suspension or action and would like to appeal, please submit a ticket and our Game Masters will investigate. We’ll continue to review these appeals on a case by case basis, and as always overturn and make it right if an error was made.


so does that the zone disruption going on silithus to prevent fair acquisition of scarab parts will be dealt with or will the people doing it continue to be rewarded at the expense of others wanting their fair shot?

you really wanna see the people doing that have a fit? change the event to be an ongoing quest chain which anyone can do once per character and bang the gong and earn a AQ bug

the ones camping the area would all have kittens once they learn all that work to keep the mount rare for whatever motivation would be for nothing since its not possible to get one for simply finishing a quest chain


is there a way to check for who the people are that are doing the mass reporting and permaban them or at least give them a month ban? I think its only fair. theyre abusing the system that you guys at blizzard have in place.
I mean that wrath raid guild got banned in 2008(?) for using the saronite bomb to recover platforms, and this is like that but way worse (both using exploits that blizzard didnt intend for)


Half-a-dozen skeleton crew managing this mess, smh…


Sadly this is not enough. If someone gets banned for this flawled system, they will still lose a few days even if they unbanned later. This is a race that we’re talking about, every minute counts.


Why do you do this? Instead of having open dialogue you are trying to silence everyone. Araxom, Bashiok, and Crithto would be absolutely disgusted to see what Blizzard has become.


you notice a lot of the more respected green text all quit including huggy all because of politics getting the way of everything in fact about the only decent green left is crepe now although havent seen him in a while


I think people just want a straightforward answer about what this entails. Is collusion acceptable or is it not, as it was in vanilla? Is this being enforced?

Is mass reporting players based on false pretenses something you are actively looking into and consider punishable?

Theres a lot of vague language being used and not a lot of answers, and its really feeding into a lot of the frustration and escalating toxicity.


yeah well theres dozens of guilds doing just that in the AQ event on several servers and so far nothing is being done

at this point all your saying is its okay to keep doing it the company isnt in any hurry to handle the matter if they were serious theyd have already done something

the AQ event shouldve been an attunement chain and not simply a limited time make the gong ringing a chain that anyone can do and get the mount AFTER the event ends and itll stop 99% of the nonsense happening right now


It actually blows my mind that people legitimately feel something like this should be fundamentally changed to this extent. What planet are you on?

The reason this mount/title is so sought after is because of its rarity/prestige. No one puts a participation trophy on their mantel.


So blue post on this but no care on other things. Thats highly disrespectful to the people that buy your product.


Collusion is allowed. They allowed Mafias for devilsaur.

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yeah well devilsaurs will still there later this is one time event and Blizzard is basically letting it happen with their own inactivity

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That doesn’t change their stance, sadly.

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The only part of this that’s downright silly is the fact that the zone only allows “x” amount of players in it. One of the dumbest ideas to date…and considering all the nonsense in classic that’s saying lots.