AQ Events = It is not okay to grief your own faction

Activsion-Blizzard is now officially okay with players griefing their own faction.

  • Mass report the top competition.
  • Collude with opposing faction.

Old School Blizzard would never have allowed this behavior.


Do you have a source for this?


i dont think we need another thread about pvp on a pvp server concerning silithis.


if only there was some kind of master of the game who would be able to help


pvp has always been allowed on pvp servers i thought?

oh i didn’t know mass reporting people to get them auto baned for a day was pvp cool go say somethign in gen chat really fast would you


the mass reporting is absolutely atrocious and the fact huge guilds are picking off members of small guilds is hilarious. how can you even allow this to happen blizzard?


Time to go back to Retail…what level of retard do you have to be to get some weird pleasure out of griefing people? If retail is still toxc? I heard Ashes of Creation is looking awesome…


i’ll get right on that #sarcasm

oh i think we do, blizzard by remaining silent is endorsing this gameplay


Source please.

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That game is doa already. The community is hilarious though. I’ve never seen so many snowflakes, and I hate using that term btw, but I cant think of a better description.


While I’m sure this isn’t “official”. There is really no means to report or record such cross faction interaction. It’s against the code of conduct, is “obvious to the observer” but not easily record-able. Short of a GM or 2 watching it when they are being patently obvious there isn’t much to be done.

What would they do anyway?

For those on better less toxic servers - this sort of collusion involves helping each-other kill bugs, guarding hives for each other (aka. selective PvP, hit squads to choke out the uninvolved).

Sure their are theoretical counters - tag first/more, PvP better (or in this case, everyone not involved grouping up - good luck). But, the issue isn’t the PvP, its specifically the cross faction support and same faction griefing involved - both against the Code of Conduct or ToS.

Yes I’m very bitter about it - its one thing to deal with the opposite faction, or the tag spam against your own - it’s a whole different thing to have a group of opposing faction selectively rolling through hives not after any bugs, just making sure their cohorts are unimpeded.


The response that PVP is PVP is…

A response made by 0 IQ of understanding the entire dynamics of the situation. A simple minded response to an action… it’s like watching LoTR Denethor II send out more soldiers to take back from the orcs.


You really ought not tell on yourself so badly.

Also, PvP is PvP. If Horde are coming in and clean sweeping you and your 3 friends but not touching another hive full of Alliance elsewhere… well… sucks to be you. Get more friends and get better at PvP.

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Mass abuse of the right click report feature has been around since launch. People abused it during HWL grind…hell people even formed a mafia on the server i played on where they just reported people for “the lulz” when they didn’t like somebody. Regardless of saying anything against tou or not blizzard will uphold these in 99% of cases. It’s essentially ruining a persons ability to play the game considering you cant
A.) initiate a duel
B.) communicate to form groups
C.) invite people to party
D.) send people mail(including your alts)
Yes, this is all well and good if you were spamming racial slurs…i suppose this sort of thing is justified, but to have this happen, sometimes over and over(keep in mind each squelch doubles in time each time it’s applied) because a group of people abuse the system…well it’s yet another example of how little blizzard cares about anything beyond $$.

How does this make them money you ask? They don’t have to pay actual people to police the game and answer tickets like they used to. Remember back when opening a ticket used to get you in touch with a real person, and usually within 30 min? That’s what customer service is supposed to look like…but now you wait 2-7 days to get an auto response from a person who knows next to nothing about the game and offers little to no actual support. It often takes multiple tickets to get anything accomplished and can often take weeks to find a solution.


Actively colluding with a guild of the opposite faction to KoS or prevent members of your own faction from completing a quest is zone disruption and is not “just pvp.”


sadly Blizzard will stay silent on the matter until the event is over then suddenly they come and announce they will look in to the matter which at that time itll be too late to actually do anything

the funny part is once the event end all the people involved will magically go back to killing each other like normal since they now have their jobs done and no more mounts are obtainable


Sure it is, because the only solutions to this are killing the people who kill you. Nearly every PvP server has a guild or two on both factions that keep out of each others’ way, regardless of an event like Silithus or otherwise.

Someone could literally emote spam at a group of Horde, beckoning them to follow, emote point out Alliance, emote angry and sad and such, watch as the Horde slaughter them, emote cheer, and go on with their day… and you wouldn’t have an actionable gripe. Happens all the time, often spontaneously, often because allied faction players are being openly jerks to one another, but other reasons abound.

I’ve had Horde thank me for killing particular players in the world, especially back when bots were more rampant. Guess I’m a dirty colluder… /giggle

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It’s always been ok to grief your own faction. As long as warlocks have a spell called fear, I will continue to grief the warrior single pulling mobs.

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