[A][PVE][PST] CORE-Atiesh - 3 nights/week - T5 week 1 + 2 x 10/10 splits

CORE is recruiting the following:

1 - Resto Druid
1 - Enh Shaman
1 - Surv Hunter
1 - Warlock
Exceptional players of any class/role are always welcome to apply. Raid spots are competitive.

Our main raid team (LC-Red) uses Loot Council (tracked via That’s my Bis)
Raid times are Tuesday, Thursday and Monday 6:30 to 10:30 pm PST (also server time).

Please apply here: forms.gle/JLuVhM1KoZa1aQcR6 (copy paste in browser)

About the guild

CORE of US-PST-PVE-Atiesh was formed in Classic Phase 1. Clearing content is not hard in Classic. Improvement is the key ingredient for stability and growth, and we are focused on this for TBC.

The key philosophy of the guild is based around capping the time spent in game, and still being competitive. To achieve this, we do the following:

  • Raid on PTR to reduce consumables cost.

  • Run optional gDKPs to augment consumables requirements.

  • Our leadership creates detailed playbooks on strategy and assignments for every new fight.

  • Keep a clean chat in game and discord. We do not discuss politics or religion.

We’ve managed to break US top 50 in the speed parses in Tier 4. Our main raid is 10/10 week 1 for T5. We also run two 10/10 splits for T5. In addition the two optional gDKPs were 10/10 and 9/10 pre-nerf.

Thank you for considering CORE!

Please join the gDKP discord (4a3GCnx) and DM below if you have any questions.

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Still looking for a few more!

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Still recruiting!

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Room for fury warrior?

All exceptional players considered. Please fill in an app and we can talk.

Come join the party! We’re a good time.

Still recruiting. Soon 10/10 x 2 splits.

Updated needs.

One night clears for past 2 weeks. Looking for a few more for splits to start.

Any totem twisters?

Yes, need more shamans!

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Still recruiting.

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Splits are 10/10. Need some blues.

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